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12/5/2005 10:58 am

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Had a long discussion with a friend/partner last evening about what poly is and where relationships fit in. It's a good question for those of us who think of and accept ourselves as polyamorous.

I'm not particularly promiscuous. In fact I'm pretty selective about who and how I play, love, relate etc. That's part of living intentionally I think, and besides I respect myself too much.

I'm also not monogamous, though I have been when I felt it was right, and when I made that promise. For me, monogamy feels right when I don't need, want or desire anyone else. Doesn't happen very often as I prefer close friends and intimates to solitary dualism.

As for the promise - I kept it until it was dissolved. I'll never make that promise again because in keeping it, I gave up an essential part of myself.

That's why I'm fascinated with talk of renewal and exploration. Keep it up brave people.

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