Finally we meet Chapter 2  

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7/20/2006 7:56 pm
Finally we meet Chapter 2

You gently drop me to the center of the large bed and take the towel from me to finish drying yourself. I watch, biting my lip, as you roughly dry your body. It makes me quiver, but instead of joining me as soon as you are dry you go and turn on all the lights and blow out all the candles.

"Why did you do that?" I ask. You do not answer. I think to myself "he's either pissed or so damn surprised he can't speak."

Coming back over to the bed you pull me to my knees. Grabbing my blouse you pull it over my head, but not completely off, leaving my arms encased inside so I cannot use them. My bra is totally exposed and you lift each lacy cup releasing my tits and letting them swing freely in front of me. You lower your mouth to my right nipple. Sucking into your mouth you roll your tongue around the hard tip. Nipping at it slightly your right hand comes up to squeeze my left breast, rolling it between your fingers so it becomes the same hardness as its sister. I moan softly.

Letting go of both breasts you grab my ass, pulling me into your groin. Oh god, you are so hard and hot, I can feel the heat through my skirt and panties. Finally I work my arms free of my t-shirt and remove my bra. I pull your mouth to mine. Greedily I drink of you.

Your hands still holding me to you, you begin to grind against me. Not being able to take this teasing I release your mouth and stand on the bed. Upon reaching a stable stance I hook my thumbs in my full skirt pulling it and my panties down past my knees at the same time. Once they are past my knees they drop in heap at my feet and I step out of the center and with my right foot throw them on the floor somewhere.

You grab my ass again and pull me back to you, your flesh heating mine. I can't take it anymore; I must have you right now. Sensing my need you push me to the bed, settling yourself between my legs. Your rock hard cock is between us, rubbing against my throbbing clit.

"Why are you here?" you ask me.

"Because I need you." You growl again, lifting up just enough so that the tip of your cock is poised at the dripping opening of my pussy. But you do not enter.

"You're are punishing me aren't you?" I ask

"Why would I do that?" you retort. Still lying there poised to "Why would I do that?" you retort. Still lying there poised to enter I lift my hips and feel the tip of your cock enter me. I gasp as you pull back, leaving me void and wanting more.

I look you dead in the eyes and say, "We have had months of foreplay, either fuck me now or get off me."

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