A story about Mother  

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A story about Mother

The following is a true story from very long ago....about a mother...no, not mine, but she did have children.....

I started my lawn cutting business when I was sixteen, in the days of working papers and between my junior and senior years in high school. My first customers were relatives and later their neighbors. It was in the days of the rotary mowers and hand trimmers....

I had a job mowing and trimming my aunt's lawn and their neighbor was an older woman that seemed to enjoy taking in the warm afternoon sun in her seculded back yard. I first noticed her one hot August afternoon lying in a lawn chair, her bathing suit top pulled down to display one of the largest pair of tits that I can recall. Certainly the largest I had seen naked as a sixteen year old. I know that I could not help staring at this very lovely woman.

She must have seen me watching her and turned in her chair and removed her suit completely. "Come over here young man!" she ordered.

I walked over into her backyard and I guess my erection was readily evident to this very sexy woman. "You like looking at my tits," she asked rubbing her nipples. "Yessss," I stammered. "Have you ever seen tits like mine," she smiled still rubbing her nipples as I watched them growing under her touch. "How would you like to touch them," asked holding her arms out to me. "Come on, touch me, touch my nipples," she whispered.

I couldn't believe how soft they were, I tenderly touched her large tits and then the nipples...I was bending over taking her large tits in my hands and caressing. "Sit down, why don't you." she continued and when I did her right hand caressed my growing erection...while her left hand went down to her pussy. "Kiss them, take my nipples in your mouth," she ordered softly, already feeling the effect of her fingers on her clit. "Open your shorts," she again ordered and it only took a moment for me to comply with her order....Within moments as I continued to caress and suck on her nipples she pushed me back and took my very hard and erect cock in her mouth...

Well you can imagine that it didn't take this 16 year old to explode in her eager mouth...

That was the lovely start of my "adult" sex life..A lovely woman with large tits that decided to seduce the teenage gardner. A mother with children a bit older than I was...Happy Mother's Day Mrs. S......I will always remember you.

Her seduction, and my sex education didn't stop at our first meeting.....but that is another story.

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