A few Questions  

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1/20/2006 3:39 am

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A few Questions

It has been about a month now since joining AdultFriendFinder and putting down some of my thoughts and adventures in a blog. I have enjoyed reading so many others and the wonderful erotic poetry written. Several questions have been developing in my mind over this time and I thought I would share them and hopefully learn more about life and even people.

1. After writing to so many profiles and receiving so few responses one has to wonder if the women are only looking for a rude, crude biker type of guy who emails a photo of their equipment or would really like to find a gentleman for a lover or relationship?

2. So many profiles read that the women seek erotic emails yet why don't they?

3. Are the ladies looking for only a young stud who they believe will be able to "service" them for long periods of passion and pleasures?

4. When they see my (honest) age is the first thing they think of my ability to preform and wonder if all mature men depend on the little blue pill for their abilities?

5. Why do women who display naked breas and a shaven pussy all of a sudden turn into Church Deacons when the respond to your notes?

6. And in the same vein, do men who only have a photo of an erect member think that when wa woman receives his photo she says to herself, "Wow, do I need that guy inside of me?"

7. Why does a woman advertised on AdultFriendFinder coming from a small town of say less than 2000 folks tell me that she is not interested with someone who lives 50 miles away, she wants some on from her town? Shouldn't she take an ad in the local paper?

8. I women don't want to hear from older guys or younger guys, why don't they have that information in their profiles?

Well, I guess my mind is not clear, can't seem to think of anythink else to complain about so early in the morning. Think I will get my buns going and head out to an early walk on the beach.

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