A Walk on the Beach  

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1/18/2006 3:39 pm

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A Walk on the Beach

It's a bit chilly for South Florida and windy from the cold front that passed during the night so I didn't expect the beach to be very busy...I decided to delay my morning walk for a bit to allow the sun to warm up the beach and the water.....

When I arrived at the beach parking lot I found only two cars and the wind blowing a pretty good clip across the sand....Well, came this far, might as well get my walk in, I thought and decided to walk along the mangroves and shrub oaks that line the beach about 50 yards from the surf....I figured the wind would be a tad less.

I must have walked about a mile and a half down the beach and was coming to the area the I have sunbathed in the nude before, but I thought it was bit chilly for that activity when I walked across an alcove in the oaks and I caught a sunbather out of the corner of my eye.

She was lying near the back of the alcove on her beach chair...totally nude....Her legs spread wide she was tanning "all-over." A nice looking gal in her late 40's or early 50's she was exposing her ample body wearing only a pair of sunglasses.. I must have been 40 feet or so from this vision of loveliness with a nicely brown colored body, totally tanned.

"Are you going stand there all day, or come for a closer look," she said from behind her Rayburns. I turned and walked up toward my bathing beauty when she drew her knees up towards her ample chest and furher exposed a perfectly tanned pussy. "Come over here, kneel down and lick my pussy!" She ordered. I did as I was told and she scooted her rear end down towards the edge of the beach chair and spread her ample thighs even further....It didn't take me long to do as I had been ordered and begin to lick a very sweet pussy.

"Yes...yes...that is good, keep it up...more," she said with her pelvis grinding into my face. "Ohhhhh lickl me hard," she moaned as my tounge found her clitoris. I continued to lick and hold her thighs close to me as she just continued to moan and grind....."Put two fingers inside my pussy," she ordered and the deep moan was a bit louder as I entered her with two fingers to feel deep inside her....she was wet and getting more each passing moment..... "OHHHH...came from her lips..."put a finger in my ass!" That finger brought more and louder moans and then the orgasms began to come. I could feel the tenseness of her body and when the fourth orgasm came her entire body shook as her hands found the back of my head and pushed my face against her pussy as she ground the orgasm into my face.

I looked up to see her ample chest heaving and I could tell she was spent. "That was lovely," she smiled, "I hope we can meet so that you will do that again sometime." I stood up in front of her beach chair and handed her one of my business cards. "It has my cell number." I said.

"Great, I will call you when my husband is out of town again."

"Can't wait," I smiled.

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