All about the ladies-woman's perspective  

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3/20/2005 7:12 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

All about the ladies-woman's perspective

Bi-curious female:
Okay ladies, this is where I am coming from.
I have been interested in females since I was about 17. I did nothing about it at that time and have not done much about it since... until now. Though this is something that I have spoken with my husband extensively about, he knows that his only threat is that another woman would be able to satisfy my needs and wants better than any man ever could... don't get me wrong, he is the best man out there for me (the only one that can give me a strong orgasm). This has become a deep want for me, almost like being bi has and is part of my life that I have been trying to hide.
On New Years Eve, a little drunk and having the 'liquid courage' at the time, I asked Chris to take me to a strip club. I got lucky. The woman that I chose to give me a lap dance was bi and more interested in the ladies than the men. This resulted in a heavy make-out session and a lot of groping. I didn't have enough 'courage' to ask her back home though. Through this experience I have verified that being with an attractive women will fulfill the other side of me, the one that has stayed hidden for so long.
We have been back to the strip club a few times after that and I have not been able to find the mysterious girl that has taken control of my dreams. I am on this site, trying to find a woman or two that can replace her in my dreams and make some of my fantasies come true.


LittleTease66 62F
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3/7/2006 4:05 pm

That actually sounds like fun! I only went to a strip club once and that was with my girlfriend when she was curious about being a dancer. I've never had a lap dance but my boss treated my husband to one a few years ago. Funny because my husband said he would rather I had given him the lap dance. I bet it would be fun to go together and get one at the same time!

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