A note of a different kind  

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6/28/2006 9:15 am
A note of a different kind

Playing music in a successful band is never a automatic when it come to getting the babe in the front row; this was a lesson he was learning as he cased his Bass after yet another hot session with his new Jazz Fusion band.

She was hot looking, a smoking sultry redhead with a rack that announced her into the room better than any hot neon sign could ever do; and from the moment she sat at the table center to the stage his eyes were glued to her and hardly left the remaining night.

This was the fourth evening she had come to the club and yet she had shown no interest in him despite the exchange of glances between them; as this was the last night of the gig and the band was moving on to another site across the state for a week, he knew again he was not going to get to meet the goddess in the white short skirt and sheer blouse; its was typical of his luck he thought as the patrons filed out of the now well lit bar. At least he didnt have to witness another member of the band scoring her as often would happen.

All through the drive home he thought of his poor luck with meeting cuties like the redhead, and how it went against all that hype of musicians scoring big with the ladies.

At home he dropped the Bass in the corner and checked his voice mail; nothing but the lady next door Barb, wanting to know if I wanted some leftovers she had..guess she thought of musicians as starving artist like painters.

Peeking out the window he noticed the lights still on despite it being well after Two AM, so he chanced a call to just say thank you for the offer.

She answered quickly as if expecting the call and said she thought he had come home; she was going for a late night swim in her pool out back, and wanted to know if he wanted to join?

He joked about not having a suit, he just didnt have much time for swimming or outdoors events like such, besides he told her shockingly that when he did do outdoor things he enjoyed nudist camps and suits weren't necessary.

"No problem" she said softly, I was planning on dumping the suit once in the pool anyways; sure ya wont change your mind?"

He declined again, but in his mind he wondered what kind of suit she would wear ; curiosity getting the best of him. Hanging up the phone he went to his bedroom window which was next to her side door and driveway; sure enough the light came on and she stepped out the door, holding a towel and her portable phone.

She wore a thin two piece bathing suit that was a bright teal; the top struggling to conceal the massive well shaped 42D's she had.

Thinking the light was an odd move for someone wishing to take a dip at two in the morning, he concluded that she wanted him ot see what he was missing out on by joining her for the swim.

Into the darkened backyard she went, dissapearing from sight as he thought about the view of her in that bikini. At 36 years old, and 12 years older than he was, he had to admit that despite one child she really looked great.

Suddenly, nearly scaring the wits out of him, the phone rang loudly; answering it Barb was on the line " You know, I can see why you like the Nudist thing, its does feel good out here au natural" she said with a soft purr to her voice and then softly she giggled as if she were a school girl.

He smiled as she spoke and then said " i'm glad you enjoy the feel of it" then surprising himself he said " you need to join me sometime when I go"

A pause so pregnant as if it were nine months worth filled the phone line then she said " With an offer like that I cannot imagine why you would say no to a swim?"

He had to be honest with her; the girl at the club had fueled his rockets and a nude swim would send him over the top and she might be taken advantage of.

"What you trying to say Rhett, you think you couldn't control yourself? she cooed into the line; " you might not like what you see, and all that energy would go away"

She knew better, she knew he had watched her go to the pool, and she was playing it for all it was worth the little hottie was he thought.

Lets just say this dear neighbor, if you were over here right now I'd fuck your lights out" he said shocking himself as he stated it.

"Humm" she said "you know the old man works nights" referring to her husband who was 12 years older than she was; "the step kids are asleep and so is the little one...Don't make an offer you cannot keep big boy"

"Oh i could keep it..just wouldn't want to interrupt a good skinny dip, that is all"

" Let me decide how I get my exercise babe" she said " If you leave the light off on your front porch, you might be surprised what challenges are met" .

I was silent for a moment then she said " You been drooling over a girl all night; time you let a woman show you a few things. Beside Rhett, you know we tell each other things; you know he doesn't give me any, he's always too drunk to get it up, wont get any pills for that, and i'm still young and need some baby...so are you all talk or would you fuck me like you said if I showed up on the doorstep?"

I whispered, "if ya bring over a plate of leftovers. yea". She just laughed and said " I'll bring you something to eat...you turn out those lights.

She hung up and I moved to the window just in time to see her coming from the backyard soaked with the towel around her; the door closed and the light wen't off...

I walked to the front room and turned out the lights and then turned off the porch light; time to tune my instrument he said to himself...then softly laughed in the darkness, awaiting the knock on the door and his entry to a carnal dawn

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