Wheeeee, and... Stuff.  

rm_Freezy_flea 30M
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5/23/2006 12:09 pm
Wheeeee, and... Stuff.

Dang I've been busy as of late... If I'm not mowing this, I'm sucking that, or moving this, or cleaning that! When do I get to have time for meeeeeeee?

You know, I never thought I'd say this, but giving head's getting to be a chore. I mean I'm okay with it being a natural (and highly effective) form of foreplay, but come on! 30+ minutes straight? Give a guy a break, or at least a guy of Kool-aid once and again! Don't get me wrong, my lovemaking strategy is to make you feel as good as possible however I can, but the keyword there is CAN. Superman, I'm not. My jaw has it's upper limits, ya know? All I as is a short respite every 15 minutes or so really...

Maybe the solution is to step up my game a tad. The soooner they come (or get sufficiently satisfied to stick it to me) the soon I can start having my fun, right? Thing is, I'm already using everytrick I know, which makes me think I need to learn a few more...

For starters, there's deep throating. To be honest, there's only one guy I know that's even long enough for me to be able to do this with... But stilll It looks like a nifty trick and I'd love to master it, especially considering he's one of those "everlasting gobstoppers." Only my pesky gag relex keeps getting in the way. Anyone have some advice as to how to break this particular limit?

And while you're at it, I'd love to hear any other good cock sucking advice. I wanna be the best there ever was, or at least pretty darn good!

Lexys out!

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