Look at me now, Ma! I'm Blogging!  

rm_Freezy_flea 30M
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5/6/2006 12:10 pm
Look at me now, Ma! I'm Blogging!

On second thought... She'd probably flip if she saw my account here... Anyhoo, I just wanna say a warm how-d'ya-do to all you folks here at AdultFriendFinder. Who knew there were so many people in the world trying to get laid?!?


Okay, that was probably a dumb question, forgive me.

(Alright now, I've got an anecdote followed by a friendly greeting and lame joke, now what? Oh! I know!)

As you might have guess this is my first blog so bear with me till I get my motor going. I can be chock full of deep thoughts, snappy dialogue and all that other prosy goodness, I'm just still a bit shy...

Speaking of which, I'd been kinda wondering: How the hiz-eck does one go ABOUT breaking into an online community such as this... I'm I guess an easy way to get noticed would be to pay the 30 or so bucks to upgrade my membership and get featured and what-not... But I'll be honest, I'm just plain broke right now, and I've never had any intention of owning a credit card to begin with regardless. (You can imagine how much that limits my online spending. Most sites don't take Paypal, the bastards... ) And so I supposed I'll have to turn heads and make friends the old fashioned way, with my rapier-like wit and penchant for intelligent conversation. That's why I'm glad to see most folks 'round here seem to have a pretty solid grasp of the english language, a huge releif from the eleventeenish blithering that so pervaded the message boards and chatrooms I've visited in the past, let me tell you...

(Warning! Ten dollar word limit exceeded! System shutdown in 30 seconds!)

Aw crap! WellitlookslikeI'mgonnahavetohurry! AgainIjustwantedtosayhieverybodyIhopewecanbefriendsandwe'lltalkagainrealsoonokay,BYE!

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