rm_FreddyNG69 60M
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5/25/2006 8:19 am

Somew questions and plans need to be addressed before this next little get together takes place.

She has contacted me through the usual channels and wants to get together to see what comes of it.

There are hints that she wants to and likes to be spanked.

There are hints that she likes to be dominated.

She has said that if I want, I can take her other place, but will have to do it forcefully.

We areto meet for a drink or two in a place of her choosing.

I wonder what I should require her to wear.

A skirt so I can reach over and find out the true reason for thesmile on her face and the squirming she is doing in the chair

Do we sit in chairs with a table side by side, allowing me greater freedome for my roming hands, or do we sit across from one another to draw the tension of the situation out ever more?

Or is it a bar stool. Those are always a favourite as she can be asked to sit on it with her skirt pulled out of the way so that her bum is sitting directly on the wood of the stool.

If she comes with out any nether region items, then that means her pussy is right there too.

Stolls also have the freedom to be standing with her right leg on my left side, and her left leg on my right side, and me in the middle. Allowing for a speedy slip of the hand up to her thighs.

So many questions, so many plans to be made.

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