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3/11/2006 2:27 pm

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So I am sitting there in front of my fireplace and wondering about the protocol.

Since it seems to be a centre for drawing out the sensual and romantic nature of woman, is there a protocol.

In front of my fireplace there is brick. Hard, rough and cold. It is not much and too close to the fireplace for comfort. So obviously it is not a place to sit, kneel, or lie.

The carpet in front is expensive type carpet, but not as soft as it could be for lying on, if you have soft exposed skin.

So my question?

Do you bye a small throw rug to go in front of it, and when do you put it out. After all I don't want to be walking on the throw rug, as it is for a special purpose and not for heavy traffic. At least heavy foot traffic.

If you have the rug out before a nice dinner, will it give your purpose away?

If you don't put the rug out until after dinner, when do you?

How do you position the rug? How big should it be? Do you position so both of you in time, can lie on it, side by side, parallel to the hearth, or perpendicular.

Then comes the other questions that I was pondering and those will come below in this epistle.

So you get supper over with and are enjoying a glass of wine. Do you now move to the rug and sit hoping the lady of your focus gets the idea, or wait for her to sit on the rug first?

What if she doesn't? What if she does but sits right in the middle of the rug?

What if she sits on one side of the rug, does that mean you are on your way?

Do you come over with the bottle of wine and your glass and sit down beside her?

Do you turn the stereo on?

And the stereo is a whole nother protocol debate for another time.

Do you want soft romantic music, or is too obvious?

What to do.

angelgrrl 49F

3/12/2006 8:38 am

FreddyNG69, by inviting a woman over, you have showed her your interest. Soft music is always nice, for both conversation and other things -- have the whole mood set before she comes over, or if you two are going to your home after a evening out, flip on the stereo when you get there. Linds is correct about the throw rug -- just have it there when she gets there. And yes, if she's sitting there, absolutely join her. If she is not interested, she'll tell you at this point most likely -- you're being clear without being pushy.

I love my fireplace.

rm_FreddyNG69 60M
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3/12/2006 12:13 pm

I was looking at throw rugs today. It seems the soft they are the more expensive they get. The cheaper ones seem to be made out of material that would be far too harsh for the sensitive bits of either male or female. All I could see was that they would only function as drip catchers.

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