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3/13/2006 12:08 pm

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Some people think that life is an effort. Some think life is no effort at all.

Some think you do not need to make an effort in your relationships. Some think you need to make an effort in your relationship.

Some think you should make no effort to change yourself, yet some try to make an effort to change you for what they would like.

Effort, the word, finds its roots in the word force. I tcomes from the French language with its roots in Low Latin.

Comfort also has a familiar root tot he word force, which means if you follow the family tree, it is connected to the word effort.

Does that mean we can take comfort in making an effort in our lives, or does it mean that we can be comforted when we force ourself to make an effort?

Fortify belongs in this family as well. Does that mean when we fortify ourselves against making that effort to force a change in our lives that we know we need to make, we shall expect or should not expect comfort? Does that fortification allow us the protection to feel comfort as we force that change we know we need?

It is all a quandry isn't it when you look at the roots to some words that scare us, or concern us, or we think we need but don't want.

I am making an effort this week.

This week I am making an effort to force myself into a new mind set. One that includes changes to my way of working, health, eating, and exercise.

Once I get myself back to a healthy, less flabby self, I will have gotten to a place I can relax, because I know in a new healthier space I will be fortified for the future.

It will also give me the energy for the efforts I like to exert most.

angelgrrl 49F

3/14/2006 1:51 pm

Everything worthwhile takes effort; nothing is going to be handed to me just because I have graced the world with my presence. However, some things are so good they seem effortless, or the effort itself is pleasure.

Good luck on your endeavor!

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