..[total surrender]..  

rm_FreddyNG69 61M
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8/24/2006 3:11 pm
..[total surrender]..

is this what you wanted?
is this what you came for?
to see me lying here on the cold floor
eyes half-lidded
lips parted
a sheen of sweat on my naked body
thighs glistening with moisture
staring at you with lust
wanting more
are you satisfied now?
hours ago i fought you
loathed your touch
spit at your face
watched you laugh
i was strong, but you were stronger
made me yield and obey
used me for pleasure
i made you happy
you made me scream
now i reminisce of the breaking process
and a chill runs down my spine
my pussy moistens even more
"come here, master"
"i'll be a good girl now..a good slave..."

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