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4/18/2005 5:10 pm

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OK here is my blog. 1st of let me explain something I travel a lot. I am kind of a vagabond but my work permits it. I just happen to get stuck on a 3rd world small Caribbean island. I was supposed to leave on Thursday but the only plane that leaves the island is supposedly broke down. They keep telling me any day now. No problem at least my hotel has internet. Slow but it works. So what do I decide to do with all this free time, cruise the internet, like I don’t do that enough. I came across this site (which I might add I have always deleted the spam they sent) and said what the heck. And I am glad I did. I quickly created my profile uploaded a couple pics I had with me and away I went.

It didn’t take long to realize that you can’t do s**t if your not a paying member. So I broke out my CC. So many interesting people I wanted to learn more about. Away I went profile after profile. Reading people’s posts and I have to tell you there are some really interesting people here. Just when I thought I was this worldly guy BAM! I don’t know diddlely squat. So in my effort to explore more I started winking at people. Hell what do I know I was just saying by this wink hey you’re really kewl and good luck. And at first I didn’t realize what I was actually doing. But as I read more posts I kept seeing the same thing over and over from people saying they don’t respond to winks or people without pics. I asked myself why, because I wink I want to f**k you? Hmm, people are really scarred, it what it is. I am the kind of guy that walks through a mall and says hello to everyone. Every country I ever visited I learn to say hello first. So Ok I need to stop winking at people I don’t want to be labeled. Start mailing people then dumb a*s, I say to myself. And the first person I try to mail it tells me my profile was recently updated and I can mail people. Hmm. I haven’t done that what the deal. Several emails later to customer support and even more times the profile is accepted and rejected, with no changes I might add, I finally get an answer what the problem is. My occupation was exactly like this, “d*t c*m stuff” OK no problem I’ll change it to something else.

Now I am off and running emailing people all excited to meet and learn about different things and bam I come across someone that says “the user wishes not to be emailed because you do not have a photo.” Wait a minute that was one of the first things I did. And I totally understand why people don’t want that, hell I filter out anyone with out a photo. So again back to customer service. Remember I have a lot of free time on my hands right now. And they reply with the 48-72 hours standard email. But wait its been 3 days and I still look like to people that I don’t care to upload a pic for them. That’s not right. And my photos are all G rated. So the 3 days of trying to meet people is waste. OK well deal with it I say to myself. But I had to write about it and what better way than a blog.

Point being, People I am sure they you are getting millions of winks and mail and whatever else from disgusting old perverts who think they can get in your pants by telling you how huge they are or whatever the case may be but please don’t forget not everyone is like that. Don’t get me wrong if things work out I would love to myself, but I for one have a little respect. So please PEOPLE BEWARE as horney and kinky as I am I still have respect. And I know I am not the only one here.

Finally let me say with all the hastles that I have been dealing with as far as the site goes, with all the b*tching I have done to Customer Support, I love this site.

Lapkin4u 43F

4/18/2005 6:02 pm

Well I sure am glad you got that all straightened out! Geez what a pain huh? I hope you make it off the island and back to civilation so all the women can get their hands on you. You are very cute and will be snatched pun no time at all. Although I must say I wouldnt mind being stranded on a small carribean island with you. At any rate your blog is posting and people are finally reading it so you are sure to get tons of mail now, Good Luck to you Gilligan! *WINK*

DirtyLilSecret66 57F

4/18/2005 7:16 pm

Ok, sounds like Lapkin will be Ginger - can I be Marianne? I'd be Mrs. Howell as long as I don't have to do that awful accent. Great post, Folger. Sorry I don't have a pic but hey I think my writings speak for themselves. I'd post a pic but that's all I need is my Mom recognizing me. Hey, wait a minute, if my MOM is on this site (shudders) nevermind, I'll stop right there.

Good luck on the site!


funroe22 56M

12/18/2005 2:04 pm

hehe i like your blog!i too fell upon this site and was facinated ,winking like i had a facial i wonder if i may have been missing out on something when consumed by winking at profiles of sexy people real and counterfit. you have left me to wonder if there were outside your hotel room, bare breasted beauties with baskets of tropical fruits or bronzed cabanna boys with round rumps and bouncing low slung shorts. nevertheless i'm glad you winked. ed

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