How to meet women.  

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11/16/2005 2:10 am

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How to meet women.

This is just a pointer to all the lonely lads out there who find it hard to chat up girls.

I'm not a bad looking bloke and in my experience the direct approach with cheesey chat up lines doesn't work unless its funny and you both laugh.

Example: I was away a couple of weeks ago in Galway and back at the residents bar. My mates were pissed but I still had a bit to go and when I saw five lovely ladies there I got a sudden burst of energy.

Why were five girls away, thats the opener. I walked towards them eying up one as I approached and just said hi girls whats the ocassion? who's the hen or who's just getting old. There was a laugh and a reply came from a stunner, actually its her birthday. Straight away I'm in with a kiss on the cheek and a happy birthday to you dear.

It was obvious the girls were from another county so there's step two. Were are you girls from? and why did you choose Galway?

Lads just relax you don't have to think too quick its just a chat, For now anyway.

Tell them a short story about were you've been that was great for a wild weekend and suggest they try there next. If you getting a good responce tell them to make sure and invite you along too. Joking but serious in your head.

I was lucky on this particular night that I knew the area that two girls were from and that spured on some chat. The 3 of us drifted into conversation away from the others. We had a few drinks and a laugh but I didn't make any advances on them which lets them trust you and think your not just there for sex.

After a few more drinks I had to go to the toilet it was getting late, what should I do? Which one of these girls should I concentrate on.

Stop thinking like that lads they were sisters a threesome wasn't going to happen.

When I came out the girls were laughing and I asked what was going on. The had been talking about me and couldn't figure out which one I was chatting up.

I laughed and said girls I don't fancy ye I'm just having a drink and a laugh cause my friends are waisted. This drove them crazy for me a nice guy who just wanted some company.

Anyway one of the girls got up to go for a smoke, I hadn't seen her go out all night. She said she only smokes a few a night. My decision was made for me. As soon as she left my eyes met with her sister an boom. She leaned in.

15 mins later we were all over each other on the lift up to her room. The rest is behind closed doors.

Don't kiss and tell, the more mysterious or secretive you are the more interesting and curious people get about the goings on.

Lads just don't be yourself, be more than that listen and sit back and wait for the moment. The girl will be more responsive if it happens naturally.

Girls, I am actuallly good company and you will enjoy your night, I don't dupe girls into bed. Its totally your choice.

I just wanna Chat.

Foggy out!

rm_FoggyRooster 39M
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11/17/2005 1:40 pm

Firehot it will deffo work in kilkenny, I was there last year for xmas party. Theres a great bar under the Hibernian hotel. Check it out. Best of luck and let me know how it goes.

rm_mrbuns1000 41M
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11/18/2005 8:25 am

Foggy just read your blog your dead right i think if you approach a bunch of girls and act like you dont fancy them it drives them crazy.

silkysmoothlegs3 106F

11/22/2005 12:41 pm

lol enjoyed that

silky xxxxxxxxxx

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