let's give you boys something to think about...  

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9/22/2005 6:36 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

let's give you boys something to think about...

here's the scenario...

It's a weekday night, and i'm all alone. I start to slowly undress to take a shower and then, the door bell rings. I loosely wrap a towel around me and go to answer the door. As I start to open it, the towel starts to sag just enough to fully expose one succulent breast. As soo nas you see this, your pants instantly tighten in the crotch area. I look down my nose at you and seductivly lick my full lips. Playfully, I begin to frolic back to the shower, where you no doubt follow. I stand before you and drop the towel, exposing my entire naked body, turn away, and bend over to pick up the towel. You come at me from behind, grabbing my ass very firmly. It sends shivers up my spine. I turn to look shyly at you and begin to get into the shower. You watch as i lather myself and linger to pull and twist my nipples. I can feel my pussy get wet. what do you do now?

Owlwatcher 41M

9/23/2005 9:38 am

As you lather yourself, I start to unbutton my shirt. I see you slowing your rhythm, as you no doubt have taken notice and are now paying me a bit more attention. I roll my shoulders back and let the shirt fall to the floor.
My hands move to my belt where I tug on the buckle and pause, as I see your eyes scanning a bit lower. You've spotted my bulge and you can't conceal your hunger once my zipper opens. Your hands move south also, but I see you're not exactly washing anymore. I hold up a finger and wag it. "Naughty girl. You have to wait."
I slide my jeans to the floor and step out of them to reveal my black boxer briefs, looking rather tighter than they should normally be. I step forward to the shower and not a word needs to be spoken; you reach for my waistband while biting your lower lip. I can tell you've been waiting for a peek, and the slightest gasp of discovery escapes your breath as you pull my underwear to my ankles. As you kneel, a quick glance upward suggests asking permission, and you take my cock in your mouth.
I clench my ass in reflex as the sensation of your tongue on my head takes me by surprise. You hold my shaft firmly with your right hand as you slowly bob up and down, sending a warmth through my body. I see your left hand creeps up your left thigh toward your pussy again, and I reach behind your head and pull you away gently by your hair. "I said you have to wait. If you can't obey, you'll have to be punished."
With my finger I lift your chin and you stand up to meet my gaze. "I'm sorry," you reply. "How can I make it up to you?" I put my hands on your shoulders and slowly run them down your arms to your wrists. I push you back slightly and step into the shower, where we're both met by the warm, cascading water. I lick your neck and work my way down to your breasts, first the right, then the left. I circle your nipples with my tongue and feel their hardness despite warm, humid air. I lift your arms above your head and kiss you on the mouth deeply, and you suck my tongue eagerly, as you never did finish giving me head. "Don't move," I tell you.
With your hands on your head, you watch as I get to my knees now, and I see the anticipation in your face as I place my fingers on your knees and motion them apart. I need to exert no force, you've spread your legs easily and willingly. As I move in closer I can see how wet you are as your pussy glistens like honey. It takes only one lick for you to moan loudly and I feel your thighs clench near my face. I feel your hips moving forward in a effort to get more at any cost. Your breathing is deep and rapid, and I see your hands have moved from your head to your breasts. But I'll allow it this time, I've made you wait long enough.
I stand up and your eyes open wide. "Please," you whisper, and I know you are finally ready for me. You turn away from me and bend at the waist slightly, arching your back. You brace yourself with your hands on the wall, the water trickling down your arms to the small of your back, and falling off your curvy ass. I grasp you hips and run my hands across your ass and spread you open slightly. I lean forward and you can feel me as I move closer.
What do you do now?

rm_FireyAries13 39F
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9/28/2005 9:51 am

you grab firmly onto my ass, squeezing it, remarking how tight it is. slowly rubbing yur hands in a circulair motion, you reach back and slap it. Taken by suprise, i moan loudly. This has gone on long enough, for neither of us can take any longer. You grap your cock firmly in you hand and truct it deep into my dripping wet pussy, and i cum almost instanly... now where?

Owlwatcher 41M

9/28/2005 12:03 pm

I feel the contractions deep inside you gripping my shaft. I smirk coyly as I know I've just gotten you off, but my work is not yet done. I slide my hands over your round ass again and find the crook in your hips and grasp tightly as I thrust and retreat. Slowly at first, then faster I pump my hips and feel myself pounding you from behind. You moan with each pump and grind yourself into me. I could let go and stop completely and I know you'd still push yourself toward me, as your first orgasm was only an appetizer. I fight the urge to release, the sight of your wet body gyrating and rhythmically pulsing with pleasure makes my head spin.
I let go of your hips and slide my hands up your back to your fingers, which claw at the tile uncontrollably. I kiss your neck gently but give you a hard thrust with my cock and you moan in delight. My right hand slides down your arm to your neck, over your shoulder and down to your right breast again where I give your nipple a soft pinch. You watch my face out of the corner of your eye and your mouth opens slightly as you gasp a quick breath. My hand runs along your side and across your stomach, and you feel the sharp turn downward as I reach your belly button. Your eyes widen a bit as you've no doubt realized where my hand will journey next.
When my fingers touch your clit, you moan a loud and clear "OH!" and I can feel your pussy tighten again. "Yes," I reply. "Do you like it?"
"Mmmm hmmm." you breathe and I know I got you again. I can feel the well defined nub as it peeks out, hoping to get its fill as well. I push gently on it with the tip of my middle finger and glide over it in a circular motion. Your hips mimic this movement and I slow my thrusting, trying desperately not to come yet. You must know this, as you buck your hips faster and faster while I rub you, trying to hang on. You can hear my breathing quicken and I can't help moaning, groaning, squeezing my eyes shut. I slide my hands back to your hips, and I can't help it anymore. I grip you tightly and thrust as deep as I can and exhale in ecstasy as I come furiously inside you. I feel the hot liquid escape in pulsing bursts and feel my knees quake as I struggle to maintain my balance after such a powerful orgasm. The hot shower suddenly feels cooler against my flushed body as I withdraw from you and you turn to face me. You smile with satisfaction as you admire your handiwork.
"Had enough?" you ask. "Because I'm just getting started."
I raise an eyebrow. "I'm gonna need something to drink. I think it's going to be a long night."

rm_FireyAries13 39F
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10/1/2005 2:04 pm

wow... and what are you doing this week?

Owlwatcher 41M

10/2/2005 6:34 am

This week is the same as any other. I work the AM shift, and I'm off Tues/Wed. I'll spend much of my down time at work daydreaming about just the kind of scenes listed above. And why do you ask?

rm_FireyAries13 39F
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10/6/2005 12:32 pm

because you sound like you'd be a hell of a good time...

Owlwatcher 41M

10/6/2005 1:48 pm

I think I could be if the situation was right. Shall we continue this dance with a more active, personal conversation? Or would you just like another sample of my writing talents? Those will help you keep yourself warm as the weather cools. But if you're looking for an alternate heat source, let me know, and we can plan accordingly.

rm_FireyAries13 39F
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10/17/2005 9:39 am

hmmmm.... would love to get to know you.... why not email me?

ScubaDiver106 49M

10/17/2005 12:49 pm


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