Still working on the wireless fix.  

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2/5/2006 6:41 pm

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Still working on the wireless fix.

I thought that I'd have it set and ready to go by this weekend, but I'm having trouble getting the equipment that I need, so... another week of patchy communications. That's okay. I'd much rather have a good connection where I can do anything I like instead of a crappy one that fades in and out. But I really do think the wireless solution will be the way to go. That's a relief: I really, really want to avoid Comcast if at all possible. I've picked out my WISP - they look really good - and if all goes well, I'll be more than happy to be their spokesperson. Hell, I'll suck a cock or two if it means avoiding Comcast.

But maybe I'll suck a cock or two anyway, hey....

It's been a pretty quiet weekend. I've been rushing about getting this place together, and it's really starting to look like someone lives here (by the way, people, that doesn't mean messy...teehee). I hate spending money, but sometimes it's necessary. The only trouble with the place now is that the walls are bare as hell - I need some prints. I have some Kliban stuff up on the walls (Kliban was a fucking MASTER), but nothing else.

I have the Kliban with all of the cats staring back at you hanging up in the bathroom across from the shower. It really gives people quite a jolt when they sit down to take a leak or whatever - I hear things like, "I feel like I'm being watched, it's creepy...", which has only made me resolve to keep it there.

Those were pretty hard to get, too. They were the original 70's posters that came in a sleeve of six, but I got 'em off eBay and there were only 4 in there being sold (the other two were ruined, the seller said). My favorite one where the cat was on the guitar singing about the mousie feet was gone, damn it all, but most of 'em were in there. Unfortunately my family and I had a huge fight over the remaining ones. My mother got "Momcat" (appropriate, really), and my brother wanted the "meatloaf" one.... another favorite of mine. But I'll find the rest of 'em eventually. Besides, I don't want all Kliban in here, it'll ruin the effect. Ah, well. Time'll take care of things. I have zero sense of decor.

And so ends my Sunday night ramble, off to work tomorrow...

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