More adventures with the boneheads at Verizon! Yay!  

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3/7/2006 4:00 pm

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More adventures with the boneheads at Verizon! Yay!

My phone was accidentally turned off this past weekend by a Verizon tech who was downstairs supposedly "helping" one of my neighbors. What apparently happened was that the tech crossed my line with someone else's, so I've been getting his calls all week. Whoever this guy is, "Veronica" is really, really desperate to talk to him. As usual, no one at Greedy Avaristic Co. believed me when I said, "Hey, umm, guys? Your tech's an idiot."

It took 11 phone calls, 3 different supervisors, and 6 online requests to get this fixed. And Verizon, if they keep going the way they are, will be paying my telephone bill until August. That's peachy-fine with me, trust me on this.

Now, on to the mailbag....

I got a request from someone this week that wanted to see a full body shot of me... "so that you can prove that you're for real." This is an interesting point, and I'll tackle this here and now, what do you say?

1. I would gladly show everyone a body shot - if I had one to show you. I don't. I literally have every picture available of me up on my profile, folks, and that's because most of my photographs were lost when I moved here. (You will remember that I moved from Georgia to Maryland and more or less had to leave everything behind. This includes my pictures, my old computer, and everything else. All I had were the clothes on my back.) Once I get set up with a nice camera, I'll take all the pictures you could ever want and then some.

2. I never claimed that I was anything more than what I am. I am not a supermodel. I am not at "ideal weight", and if people would read my profile (something I keep hoping will happen, but it never seems to), you would know this. I'm not all too sure what this guy is expecting to see, or what he believes I'm hiding - but the answer is "nothing". I am what I am. I'm short, I'm overweight, I'm in my mid-thirties. Bam, there you go, how's that for honest? The lack of a full body shot is not because of my weight, I assure you - you can tell I'm not Miss America just by the pictures I do have up there. If this person is wondering "am I for real", the answer is yes - I have met two people from this service that can vouch for the fact that I'm real, flesh and blood, yep, I'm a woman and not a dropbox. So there you go.

3. I don't have to "prove" anything to anyone. If you don't like what you see, move on. If you don't like the way I speak or how I put things, move on. If you disagree with me, fine, but I'm not going to stand by and let you disrespect me, either. And THIS particular bit is for the "person" (yes, I'm putting this nicely) who left some rather nasty comments in my last post concerning how "I have a lot to learn". I never denied that I have a lot to learn - everyone could benefit with learning, don't you think? But you will respect me. You will not leave comments like the ones you did on my last post, because a. they won't be read, they'll be deleted and b. they'll also be reported. I don't take shit from anyone, and especially not online.

And with that said.... I'm attempting to get a lunch/dinner date together with someone from here. Hopefully these bastards at Verizon will behave themselves now. My DSL is installed next week. Yay.

Cheers until the next post.

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