2:06 for a female Squirt  

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6/27/2006 1:11 am

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2:06 for a female Squirt

I took me 2:06 to make my girl squirt. The secret is the fingering and some clitoral stimulation.

You bet that she had a good time. I continue and empty her fluids for another 5 minutes.

*Update of squirting*

The secret or if i can say, the perfect road to achieve squirting is mutual trust.

Let's first start with the women part. A girl will feel the urge to pee when her G-Spot is stimulated. This urge makes some girls uncomfortable because they think that they will urinate on their partner. In fact, many women have never heard of squirting before and never experienced squirting and the same is for guys. Thus, squirting needs trust.

The techniques:

What works best for me doesn't necessary mean that works for you. As for my part, i will share my techniques.

First, I like to start with some fore-fore play, kissing. Then i move on with both kissing and caressing her body. I start with her hips, back, thighes, then back to hips, and the famous breasts. Then slowly i reach down and tease her pubic hair. I personally prefer some pubic hair. And then i tease the clitoris and vulvas. *i kiss constantly though* Then kiss lower, lower, and lower. From her lips, to chin, to neck to breast, to her belly, to her clitoris.

At the clitoris, i suck slowly and lightly first. With my tongue, i swirl left to right and right to left and meanwhile, my hands are caressing her nipples. Being MULTI-TASKER is good! The slowly I insert the middle finger inside her for both clitoral and internal stimulation. I first explore every wall of her vigina and then i focus on the upper wall. I put my middle finger flat to the wall and stimulate it from left to right and right to left. Later on, i insert the ring finger to join the motion. As she gets turned very on and juicier, i accelerate the upper wall stimulation. Harder and faster. And the magic juice is out.

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