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11/9/2005 3:54 pm

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I can be such an idiot sometimes. I wish migraines wouldn't randomly come and go like they do. Art is becoming a pain in the ass. I draw constantly and I paint so rarely... hardly seems worth it anymore. The business world found its way into Art and art has lost it's value tremendously... which makes me a very hungry art student. Art is more like a regular job only it requires twice the skill and it's hard to find inspiration. It really is especially when the only people who commission me are reps from churches or a restuarant who want some cheesy mural painted on their walls somewhere that is completely irrational for the subject matter and I bend over backwards and make it work anyway... or when a corporation or some random business wants me to paint some lame decoration that's hardly to be considered a painting at all. Fucking bullshit. The silent haze of weed helps sometimes. This lack of direction is driving me crazy. Anyway I'm about to set off on my quest to invade some galleries and see if that isn't a better solution. It's getting the slides made that sucks. I hate portfolios... just b/c of the slides and all the measurements and information I have to cram on the backs of them. My eyes are so dry I'm not quite awake yet, but at least the migraine is gone now. The sunset yesterday was the best thing in the world!! OMFG it was sooo pretty and I could actually see if b/c they tore down the douplex next door. I think they're going to build an actual house there, which is kind of cool since no one had lived in that douplex in a year or so... you know it was kind of run down anyway. I missed the sunset today... it kind of makes me sad but it's all good.

Some_Random_Dude 29M

11/10/2005 9:23 am

Well that sucks to get migraines...
Maybe you should relax and find somewhere where you can relate and get inspired, wherever that place is...

I do agree Art has lost it's Value, most art i find absolutly bullshit, but you come accross that 'one' you most enjoy and it just doesn't matter.

Well Hope all goes well.
And Good Luck in the Art Business.

rm_Fennetta 32F

11/21/2005 7:59 am

Yeah, I have been pretty stressed lately. I need to take a vaction pretty soon.

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