the alpha male  

rm_FatUgly84 33F
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9/8/2006 8:36 pm

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10/21/2006 8:12 am

the alpha male

when someone said about alpha male i was thinking about the alpha female.... lol

i can imagine a women in a tribe doing orgies [freedom of speech, no?]

sorry it kinda disturbing to some ppl but if i were to say alpha female my male friend would so wanna continue on the alpoha male subject... they dun like to be sumbissive what can i say...

i think my sense of humour can be rather disturbing, cos sometimes i admit in SOME places i do have EVIL EVIL thoughts... for example in a HOLY place... god forbid i would have this i am thinking look on my face... den again maybe its the influence of various materials... *cough*

well i dun belief in alpha males... somehow if u talked about alpha males i would be thinking of the playboy type one man various girlfriends....

but back to topic... everyone female would say their husband/bf are alpha and in the first and in the great.... but really if u think about it if all male were alpha where the beta? lol [pun intended]

for me i think my guy should be someone who is a plain joe... either that or sweep me off my feet *daydreams*

like a girls i dream of a hunky guy who would really sweep me off to a distant land blah blah blah... but sadly it doesn't happen like that...

reality always hurts.... of course they are some lucky ppl there who are in fairyland... bless them

i am definately in envy of those ppl, i might be a real picky person i guess, cos judging by the way i reply to my pm, which is very selectively i guess i am not facing reality much...

i mean i apreciate the attention but then again sorry to say unless u prove to be worthly [ok i am picky!!!!!] and not too perverse and seems like a nice guy to go out with then maybe....

i have been recieving pms like lets go out and have sex.... that i must say is rather direct... i dun mind u pming me but at least make friends first... i am not free for sexing about.... lol

anyhows i decided to sell one of my lastest toys becos its too big [my virgin pussy is way too small... lol]

hmmm adding some pictures... i am tried using it but i dunb think i'll use it much... i love my other toy way too much, i do not know how much to sell it for, it has been cleaned [dipped in hot water] so pm me if u want to buy it...

end of post...

NutBuster1974 43M
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9/9/2006 9:29 am

I have no idea about alpha or beta, but seems to me those who get all the girls arent the most manly of men if u get what i mean.
it more of the now so called metro sexual fellas
nice pics by the way

rm_FatUgly84 replies on 9/9/2006 11:47 pm:
its like the old saying...

bad bpys usually turn women on.... lol

androandromeda 48M
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9/10/2006 7:11 am

If you are looking for "plain joe" that "will sweep you of my feet"
, well I think you are in the wrong place. This place is touted to be
the "largest sex community" as the homepage stated.

I think 99% of time guys who visit this place have one thing in mind..
that is to spread out their wild oats here ( prove me wrong guys ) ...
.. they may pat the soil with loving care ... water it to make it wet
... and finally plant their seed there.

Sorry kid, may be you should go elsewhere or find other site that
is not so sex oriented. Even then those friendly sites may not be
safe either as they are always perverts out there .. wolfs with
sheeps clothings.

You say "i have been recieving pms like lets go out and have sex.... that i must say is rather direct..."

I think you are contradicting yourself, just read your first posting

Hmmm you are selling your toys. I have never used one before .....
does it come a practical demonstration on its usage ...hehehe.....
( I am trying to be a bad boy here )

rm_FatUgly84 replies on 10/21/2006 8:11 am:
hahaha and i am suppose to fall for u??? lol fat hope dude

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