nothing like a wedding....  

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8/29/2005 3:49 pm

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nothing like a wedding....

Well, it was by youngest sister's wedding this past weekend, so the majority of the past week, I have been either at my parents place or running around doing the "oh, I forgot to do this" errands for my sister. I left my house in the more than capable hands of my darling husband and two perfect, angelic children!

Let me tell you, when it comes to reminiscing about the ways you fell in love, there is nothing like a wedding. You think of all the exciting things you used to do together, your plans for the future, hopes and dreams. You just simply feel all that "new love" come rushing back to you.

There is also one sure fire way to smack you right back to reality. Come home! After he's spent the majority of the week alone with the kids, and you walk in the door only to see the disaster zone that awaits you, as you are thinking about the "oh yes honey, I did the laundry". He just neglected to mention it is all over the kitchen table to be folded and put away, and when you make it to the living room, it is all at the end of the couch still awaiting the folding and put it away stage.

I have to give him credit though...he did say he did the laundry, he didn't say he folded it or put it away.

Nothing like a wedding to give you that slap back to reality we all need from time to time!

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