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I could feel his eyes on me from accross the room,following my every movement. I smiled and winked at him, willing him to come over.He moves accross the room,as if drawn by a magnet.When he get close I smile at him ,motion with my head for him to follow and walk out the door. I head behind the building where there is no traffic,I can feel him following. In a dark spot I turn look at him and lift my skirt,my hand going directly to my soaking pussy,fingers running over my clit and my pussy lips. He moves toward me ,replacing my fingers with his. I spread my legs and lean back against the building,loving the feeling of his fingers on my clit. He pushes one then two fingers in meangling them up so he rubs against my g-spot,I moan and spread my legs even wider. With my eyes closed I hear his zipper come down and his pants hit the ground. His fingers leave my pussy only to be replaced by his hard cock, he buries himself to the hilt,grinding his hips into mine. I lift one leg to wrap it around him trying to pull him in closer. He rams his cock in and out of me,the sounds of his hips hitting mine fills the night.I open my eyes to look at him and notice my lover standing watching us,his hard cock out in his hand. i smile at my lover and move a little to side so my lover can have a better veiw of the cock going in and out of me. My lovers hand is a blur on his cock as he watches the stranger fuck me. The stranger begins to shudder ,I look in my lovers eyes and pull my pussy off the cock , letting the strangers cum spray all over me. I push the stranger away and motion for my lover to put his cock in me, he enters me quickly, up to the hilt, our bodies sticking together with the strangers cum. My finger go down to my clit and I rub it ,feeling myself cum instantly. My lovers cum saturated my pussy and I relax against the wall, I look up and the stranger is gone.

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fm fm fm wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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