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My lover and I walked hand in hand through the park late in the evening. I saw the childrens playground coming up and,letting go of my lovers hand,ran up and sat on the swing.It was an older swing with the big wooden seat,my lover came up and stood in front of me,my face directly in line with his crotch.I could see the outline of his cock through his pants,reached up and traced it with my finger,his cock hardened instantly. I undid his pant and pulled out his cock,my tongue licking the tip,sliding down the shaft and sucking on his balls one by one.His hands in my hair he pulled my head back as I eagerly licked and sucked on his cock.He got on his knees ,lifted up my skirt and started playing with my pussy,his fingers tickling my clit,playing at the entrance,miving in just a little then moving out.I spread my legs wider wanting him in me,my hands busy with his cock. He grabbed my hand and held them above my head on the swing chain on either side of my head.His cock slid into my pussy,the swing rocking with his movements.I wrapped my legs around his hips to steady myself,as his cock pounded my pussy.His cock was hitting my g-spot with evry lunge in and out.I threw my head back and moaned,my pussy tightening around his cock,he began to shuddder and I knew he was about to cum.I pulled one hand loose and started rubbing my clit,the pleasure speading throughout my whole body.He groaned as he came inside me,I soon followed,whimpering as I came all over his cock. I wrapped my legs even tighter around him and rode him,until the sensations slowed down.

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we need to take a walk in the park soon!!!!

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