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I take my items into the change room ,hoping that they will fit.As I take off my heels I notice a hole in the back of the change room. A peeping tom ,well I will give him somthing to look at. I stand up and peel off my top,cupping my breasts in my bra,feeling my nipples harden underneath the fabric. I reach behind undo my bra, exposing my breasts for him to see, my nipples harden into sharp peaks. I run my fingers over my nipples ,tweaking them. I let my hands trail down to the waistband on my skirt,hooking my thumbs under it and slowly push my skirt over my hips to the floor. The gusset of my panties is soaked with my juices, turning them transparent. I push my panties smooth hairless pussy gleaming in the dim light with moisture. i put my one leg up on the chair to allow the peeper a good veiw of my pussy. I let my finger open up my pussy lips and slowly insert on into my hole,using the other hand to move my clit ring back and forth,causing my clit to harden. I put anther finger in my pussy,moving them in and other hand rubbing my clit in rythem. My breath shortens and I push my pussy onto my hand..felling the familar tingle of me starting to cum,I now have three fingers in,and am playing with my clit for all its worth.I feel myself begin to cum,my back arches and a moan starts at the back of my throat.Waves of pleasure hit me as I lose myself in the feeling. I look straight at the peephole,smile, bring my fingers up to my mouth, and lick them off.

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4/7/2006 10:22 pm

sounds like something i'd like to see, i'd be the one on the otherside of the peep hole. I'd say true, hopefully true.

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4/19/2006 7:22 am

Hello FM,

I am impressed by your stories and the detail in each of them. If you read my profile you will see I also have an idea about a store dressing room. Perhaps I can help you write a short story about that sometime.


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