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My lover picks me up from work for our evening out of town. I get in the car ,lean over and give him a deep kiss,licking at his bottom lip with my tongue."Lets go" I say as I buckle up my seat belt. Before you know it we are on our way out of town,I put the seat back and close my eyes,intending to have a nap,so I can be fresh for our evening out. My skirt rides up my thighs and I reach down to pull it back in place. "Leave it,"he says "I like the veiw", I smile and settle down for my nap. After a while I can feel his hand on my upper thigh pushing my skirt even higher,I pretend to be asleep and open my legs a little. His hand works its way to my pussy and his one finger finds my clit,moving my clit peircing so it rubs directly on my clit.I moan ,still pretending to be asleep and open my thighs a little wider. I can feel him turn the car ,going on to a gravel road,and i get wet knowing he is going to fuck me.I open my eyes look at him, reach beside me and put my seat all the way down. He pulls into a approach,stops and gets out of the car. He comes to my side of the car ,opens my door ,and stands there. I undo his pants,and pull out his cock,I sit up and take his cock into my mouth. I pull it deep into my throat,sucking hard as my hand plays with his balls.He groans,pushes me back into my seat and climbs on top of me,I open all the way up,to let him enter me,my feet on either side of him on the dash of the car. He enters me slowly, groaning as his cock enters my hot wet pussy,I lift my hips to take him in deeper. He starts fucking me with slow ,sure stokes,filling me again and again.My hands clutch his shoulders,fingernails digging in,as waves of pleasure overpower me.My head thrashes from side to side as I whimper with pleasure. His strokes become harder and I can feel myself begin to cum,I match his thrusts, tightening my pussy . His cock jumps inside me,I tighten my pussy even more wanting to feel him cum inside me. i groans ,and thrusts faster,I explode moaning "Fuck me" . He stiffens on top of me and I can feel his cum splash the insides of me. He lays on top of me breathing hard, he then gets off of me ,straightens his clothing,goes to the other side of the car ,get in and we continue on our way.

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