one on one  

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7/24/2006 7:12 am

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one on one

I lay in the bed still chilly from the night air,my lover moved around the house,shutting all the lights out.Hr came into the bedroom,crawled into bed beside me and snuggled in,his cold body pressed to mine. I wrapped my body around him to warm him up,my face tilting up for a kiss,his mouth covered mine,his tounge lightly brushing the inside of my mouth. I lean in for more,returning his kiss feverishly,almost devouring his lips.His hands roamed my body
brushing agaist my nipples,moving lower to my waiting pussy,the one finger finding my clit and brushing it,my hips arched into his hand. My breath was coming in short pants as I tried to control my moans.He moved down my body with his mouth,suckling my nipples,moving over my tummy and finally concetrating on my pussy.His tongue brushed my clit,causing me to moan,my hips bucking involutarily.I held his head to me,his tongue ravaging m pussy,wetness soaking his mouth,I could feel his tongue plunging in and out of me.He lifted his head and got to his knees,I saw his hard cock,leaned over and took it into my mouth.Running my tongue around the tip,savoring the velvet feel of it in my mouth,I took it further in ,the tip brushing the back of my throat.He laid down and I continued sucking his cock,moving my mouth up and down,taking him down my throat feeling him tremble with passion. I lifted my mouth from him as he put on a condom,I moved on top of him slowly lowering my pussy onto his hard cock,moveing down til my pussy engulfed his cock.,the pleasure was taking over my body and I began to ride him harder,moving faster and faster. His hips bucked plunging his cock in me further,I sat up and leaned back loving the feel of his cock in me. I rode harder and faster feeling myself cum,just as he let out a low groan and plunged in me one last time.

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8/4/2006 7:54 am

Damn, I love the way you suck dick. You can work on mine anytime.

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8/4/2006 1:40 pm

me next me next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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