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4/10/2006 5:33 am

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I wake up with a start,as a hand presses on my mouth. I look up and see it's him,I relax and look into his eyes, I turn to turn on the light,he stops my hand before I suceed. He pulls the covers off me and looks at my nude body. Goosebumps raise themselves on my flesh as his eyes slowly go up and down my body,my nipples harden. His hand reaches down and tweaks my nipples, I lift my back up to push my breast into his hand,He motions me to turn over,I do so,my heart speeding up in anticipation, He pulls me up on my knees to the edge of the bed, I can feel his hands on my ass,caressing and fingers dipping in my pussy.I triy to lift my boddy higher to give him better access. I hear a zipper being pulled down and feel his cock at the entrance of my pussy, it pulsates with arousal. He plunges in me,filling me,making my gasp with the pleasure of it. He moves in and out his hands alternating with caressing my ass and lightly slapping it.I match his rythem and beg for more,his thumb presses into my ass moving in time with his cock. I reach down to play with my clit, the sensations overwelming me. I hear his breath come faster as he begins to fuck me harder and harder. My fingers are rubbing my clit in earnest, I begin to cum , clenching my pussy around his hard cock. He is cumming,I feel his cum splash my insides. I collapse on the bed and instantly fall back asleep.

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4/10/2006 8:05 pm

very inovative you should write a book

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4/11/2006 2:05 am

Hey,,FM,,,,,I didn't know you were Blogging,,I ran across it last night..So I just have to talk to ya,,I kinda feel like I've known ya for a long time..Say, can you really feel the cum shoot into ya?I've fucked a lot of women in my time, including the ole' lady lol,,and none ever said they could feel it..But I like to have my cock shoved in all the way when I fire and my knob is usually up against something,so they probably don't get the velocity of the load lol..I have a date with one of my lady friends tomorrow night,so I'm gonna let her have it from half way in and ask her....Thanx for the idea..By the way,,I thought I was the only one who fucks bareballs lol..Keep in touch........

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