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After giving my lover a sensual body massage with oiland working his cock into a raging hard on,I told him I was going to mastrabate for him. All he had to do was sit in a chair and watch,no touching ,just watch.I brought out my toys and lube and laid them beside me.I started by pouring massage oil all over my body and rubbing it on my breasts working my way down and rubbing it into and on my pussy.My body was gleaming in the light,I reached over a grabbed my vibrator,watching his hand move up and down his cock,I slowely inserted the vibrator into my well oiled pussy. My other hand went down aand my fingers started playing with my clit, I moved the vibe in and out, closing my eyes as the pleasure sensations overwelmed me.I lifted my hips and moved them in rythem with my vibe,I could hear him moan. As I opened my eyes to look,I could see the cum shoot oyut of his cock onto his fist that was wrapped around his cock. I asked him if he wanted to help me,he got on his knees beside the bed and removing the vibe ,stuck four fingers in me, I moved the vibe to my clit ,letiing it rest on top . He asked if I want more I said yeeeeeeeeeees ,he then stuck his whole hand in me I moaned with pleasure as I could feel his fingers in me. It was like my pussy was on fire,I was cumming and screaming with pleasure.I finally relaxed.

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My Goodness FM you got me throbbing!

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