kingsize bed  

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4/29/2006 5:39 am
kingsize bed

My lover led me to the kingsize bed and laid me down on it.He stood back and studied me from head to toe , his hands began to wander touching here caressing there. His head bend over my breasts,taking one nipple then the other into his mouth and sucking on them til hard . He moved down to between my legs,gently lapping at my clit until he could hear me moan with pleasure. He got on his knees and teased the lips of my pussy with his hard cock,I lifted my pussy so he could enter,he smiled and shook his head.His head went down to my pussy again,and he started licking it from top to bottom,his tongue everywhere at once. I was getting wetter and wetter all but begging him the fuck me ,he continued what he waa doing,ignoring my pleas. I was going wild with wanting,my hips lifting and falling ,my pussy seeking fulfillment,still my lover teased me pshing his tongue in my pussy then just as I was about to cum ,pulling it out.I screamed with frustration,wanting him in me,he looked up and smiled. He got on his knees positioned himself and ,plunged into me,grinding his hard cock into my waiting pussy. I felt myself let go and screaming with pleasure let go of my juices all over his cock. He kept on ramming me with his cock taking me higher and higher til I came again,whimpering into his mouth as he kissed me. I could feel him shudder once and then again,as his cum covered and soothed my tender pussy.

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