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5/20/2006 5:03 am

I rushed into the elevator and pushed the floor button ,wondering why my lover wanted to meet me here.As I was watching the floor lights blink a pair of hands reached from behind me and started kneading my breasts.I started to struggle then looked down,I recognized those hands. I leaned back into my lovers chest and purred,,arching my back and pushing my breasts further into his hands. His hands moved to my shoulders,turning me arond,then he kissed me ,his tongue exploring my mouth ,lips nibbling at mine.His hands increased pressure on my shoulders,I knew what he wanted,I got down on my knees and pulled his hardening cock out of his pants. My mouth watering ,I licked at the tip of his cock,my lips wandering down the shaft and nibbling at his balls. My hands came up and cupped his balls,I took his stiff cock into my mouth,massaging it with my tongue,pulling it into my throat. His hands intertwined in hair hair and he started fucking my mouth,his cock moving in and out faster and faster.My hands playing with his balls,I could feel them tighten up, and cum hit the back of my throat overflowed out of my mouth ns onto my chin.

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