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My lover and I were cruising down a back road by the river,his hand on my pussy and mine on his cock.The top was down on the convertable and the wind was blowing my hair straight back. his fingers entered my pussy making me gasp,I lifted my hips to give him more room to explore.I rubbed his cock up and down til it was standing at attention.I undid my seatbelt and crawled over to him ,asking him to move the seat back.
Making sure he could still see the road I moved onto his lap,rubbing my pussy onto his cock,I heard him gasp and squirm n his seat.I reached down and positioned the tip of his cock at the entrance of my wet pussy,slowly I lowered myself til his cock was fully engulfed in my pussy. My hands gripped his shoulders as I moved up and down,gripping with my pussy all the while.He groaned and pulled over to a screeching halt,his hands grasped my hips and he started moving in rhythem with my movements..I leaned back againt the stering wheel and enjoyed the feeling of his cock filling me. My finger went down and were playing with my clit,I started cumming hard and begged him to fuck me,he shuddered under me and soaked my pussy and his cock with cum.

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Nice story fm -- it could come true

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