The game  

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6/17/2006 5:29 am

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The game

My lover sat in front of the Tv,watching the game,I sat beside him,trying to act interested. I wanted his attention,finally I reached over and undid his pants,pulling out his soft cock I licked the tip,cuppiing and kneading his balls at the same time.I moved my hand up and down his shaft feeling the cock harden in my hands.I took the head of it into my mouth,sucking gently.purring I looked up, his eyes were still on the screen.Frustrated I got up went to my bedroom and brought out my vibrator,sitting right in front him on the coffee table,I turned my vib on and opening my legs start running thie tip of it along m pussy lips.I moaned as the vibrations tickled my clit,leaning back i put my legs on his knees and slowl inserted the vib in my pussy,pushing its 10inches in til only the end was visible.I lokked at hin again and this time his eyes were on my pussy,I could see the sweat begin to break out on his forehead.taking the game further,I moved onto my hands and knees ,with the one vibe in my pussy I lubed up my ass and shoved my other vibe into my ass, moving my hand in rythem and almost forgeting about my lover,I fucked myself my pussy dripping with my juices.My lovers hands came down on my hips,and I continued pretending I hadn't felt them,,his one hand took over from mine with the vib in my ass. He pulled out the vib and plunged into my ass ,pounding it hard,my fingers went down to my clit,rubbing and bringing me complletion .Our moans sounded over the sound of the tv ,he shouted as he came in my ass pumping his cum into me. I screamed soaking the vib in my pussy and my thighs with cum,I pyulled the vibe out and moved away from his cock,stood up,looked at him,stting back on the couch,sated,and said"Now you can watch your game!!!"

theonlyone135 54M

6/21/2006 1:10 am

COOL loved it, i'd watch a game with you anytime!!

rm_juice90 49M

6/22/2006 8:02 am

game??? what game?????

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