The bed  

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4/21/2006 4:31 am

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The bed

As I walk into the room the first thing I notice is the bed,a four poster kingsize, it almost takes up the whole room.My lover smiles at me and pulls out four peices of red silk, I smile back and begin to take of my clothes.Once I am totally nude,he takes my hand and lies me down on the bed ,face up,he leans over and kisses me. He then takes my arms one at a time and ties them to the posts above my head,he moves down to my feet and secures them to the bottom posts.Once he is done I am lying spread eagle on the bed,not able to move an inch in either direction. He starts at my feet nibbling and licking his way up my legs,I begin to sqirm ,feeling the anticipation begin to build inside of me.He makes it to my thighs,lightly biting and caressing the inside of them. He skips my pussy and moves to my abdomen,sticking his tongue inside my belly button. Finally he gets to my breast,licking them all over ,taking my nipple rings inside his mouth and tugging them with his teeth. I arch my back pushing my breasts up,my breath coming in gasps. He moves up taking my mouth in a deep hard kiss, his hand moves down to my pussy and he pushes two fingers in,bringing them up to my mouth so I can lick my own juices off them. I moan ,my pussy muscles clenching and unclenching with need, he moves down to my pussy and puts his tongue to work on my clit, his fingers plunging in and out in rhythem with his tongue. I move my pussy up and down feeling myself just on the edge of cumming. He sits up and still fingering my pussy ,his thumb on my clit,begins to stroke himself. His hand is a blur on his hard cock still fucking me with his other hand. His hot cum hitting my breasts and face is enough to send me over the edge,I thrash on the bed my pussy tightening around his hand and I scream with pleasure.

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4/21/2006 10:49 am

as always fm a wonderful erotic passage you are the queen

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