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He picks me up at the appointed place,driving his semi as promised. I climb into the truck going straight to the sleeper and shedding my clothes. He drove to a secluded spot and joined me, I undid his pants and took out his hardening cock,I leaned over and took it into my mouth,lapping at the tip with my tongue.It hardened quickly ,filling my mouth and going down my throat. I sucked hard on it bringing him to the edge of cumming, then stopped and opened my legs for him. He dived into my pussy,his tongue everywhere at once soaking me with his saliva,I pushed my pussy into his face,feeling his tongue flick at my clit. He stopped devouring my pussy and rolled me over onto my hands and knees, his cock eagerly probing at my pussy lips, I pushed back wanting him in me . He entered,burying his cock up to the hilt, I moaned and started moving back and forth along his cock.He was hitting my g-spot everytime he buried himself in me, I put my hand down and started rubbing my clit, my fingers dancing over it . I could feel myself begin to cum and begged him to fuck me harder,he rammed in and out of my hot pussy,taking me higher and higher.I shuddered as I came,moaning with pleasure. I felt his cock explode in me and he collapsed on my back.

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true fm and hey ,I own a semi ....wink wink

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