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I am sitting at a crowded bar on a saturday night..waiting for my lover to show up.There is barely any room to move, I just take a swallow my drink and i feel a hand on my thigh,kneading it ,working its way up towards my pussy. I almost spit out my drink.I look around and there is soo many people around me I can't tell who the hand belongs to. My pussy gets wet and I open my thighs a bit more to give the hand access, it creeps up barely touching my pussy lips through my thong. My pussy gets warmer and the tingling moves to my belly, I hold my breath wanting more but trying to keep what I am feeling unnoticable. I can feel the fingers push aside the fabric of my thong and lightly brush my clit, they move down and probe at my hot wet hole. My legs open further , I shift forward on the stoll.wanting the fingers in me..One finger then two enter me and I let out a slow breath, i want to play with my clit with the fingers in mye but can't without arousing suspition. The fingers move in and out ..making me squirn on the stool, I am soaked..the fingers come out of my pussy and concetrate on my clit, moving the clit ring back and forth, everything tightens and I feel my self begin to cum, my hand grip the bar in front of me and I bite my lip to keep from moaning. I shudder with release,the hand withdraws and is gone.

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4/4/2006 8:33 am

.. my sticky fingers go to my mouth and the nectar is divine. God yuo taste good .... I then nudge you form the side and with my broad grin ask how you are doing .... you blush and say ' .. better now .. but maybe bettr later too' ... well, with that we strike up a lively discussion and down a few more drinks .... shairng thoughts on many topics .... I am infatuated by your eyes and mouth. You get uo excuse yourself to head to the bathroom and I notice some liquid on your stool ..... I dip and lick ... mmm .. that same nectar as before .... I decide that YOU are the one for me tonight ......

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