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I posted this article in the advice lines after a quick success early in my membership here. I took some heat for the "nail her" comment in step 8, but it was meant in good fun, an expression of let-it-loose sexiness, on both our parts!


After less than three weeks as a paid member at this site, I just got laid. She's a real hottie too, and I think there's a lot more fun in store for us. Here are the methods I used to get this site to work for me.

1. PICK YOUR TARGET Decide what you're looking for, and then focus! In my case I'm looking for a married girl in my age group in my area, and that narrows it down a lot. Be realistic about what you can expect to acheive, and then only write emails to the girls in your target group. If you're sending out hundreds of emails, you're not focussed.

2. READ HER PROFILE She took the time to write it, so you should take the time to read it. If she's only looking for left-handed Mongolian midgets, and you're not one, don't waste her time and yours trying to contact her.

3. WRITE A SENSIBLE NOTE Respond to something in her profile to let her know you bothered to read it. Tell her what attracted you to her & tell her a little about yourself. Write complete, grammatical sentences with correct spelling and punctuation. Don't make it more than a paragraph or two -- just a short hi, how are you. Be polite. She'll either respond or she won't.

4. NUKE THE COCK SHOT Spend a little time on your own profile too! You don't have to write about sex, since all of us already know why we're here. Write something worth reading! You might get more replies if you have a head shot (no, not *that* head), but apparently it's not necessary. Do a search for guys, just to see how they present themselves. See all those cocks? That's what you call "dime-a-dozen". Save it for later.

5. CHAT FIRST After you've traded emails, set up a chat using another IM service. Be prepared to show her a face pic, it's only fair, and you can expect the same from her (it may take a couple of chats to get even this far if y'all live close to each other). And some things just aren't meant to be -- if she's the principal violinist for the New York Philharmonic and you're the pig wrestling champion of Arkansas, it's ok, just move on.

6. MEET & GREET The first meeting should be in a public place, so both of you can feel safe. We picked a scenic public park next to a river, where we could walk & talk about private things without being overheard. You could pick a restauant or a bar or a mall or anywhere else you like, as long as it's safe. No sex on the first date! The point is for both of you to get a good look at each other, and that's all. I got a wonderful yummy kiss, and I thought that was going pretty far!

7. MORE CHATS Talk about how you feel, what you thought, etc. She needs to have a chance to say "Thanks, but no thanks" and so do you. But if it's working so far, set up the next meeting, and then ...

8. NAIL HER Enough with the small talk already. You met on a sex site, you both know why you're here, so it's time for some sex. It may take a few trips around the meet & greet cycle, but not many, or one of you is being too slow. Now is the right time to show your goods -- she found out about my big, thick, 8-incher just a few seconds before I plugged her with it. The look on her face was priceless!

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