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7/21/2006 7:56 am
Home Early

Today I came home early. I never come home early, so I thought I would surprise her and I tried to be quite coming in the door. Once past the kitchen I could hear music and voices upstairs, but thought that she must be cleaning up there with the television on in the bedroom.

Creeping closer I it wasn't the TV, it was her talking to a man! I peeked around the corner making sure that I was in the shadows and less likely to be spotted. I could see her laying on the bed still in the satin nightgown she put on last night and there was our neighbor lying next to her running his fingers lightly up and down her arm. He only had on a pair of boxers. Most of him was blocked in my field of view because she was between me and him.

I heard a flush from the bathroom and ducked back down the steps without thinking twice about it. I heard the Jack say, "It took you long enough." Then multiple people laughing. "Who was the third person up there?" I wondered. Slowly reproaching the bedroom up the stairs so as not to be spotted, I was totally surprised to see that the third person was Jack's girlfriend!

I had often seen her coming and going from the apartment next door and thought about how she would look without cloths on. Now I didn't have to wonder! She was slightly plump and curvy with large c-cup breasts and medium length brown hair.

She moved over to the bed and I thought that the two girls would sandwich Jack. But as the three of them adjusted it was my woman that was the center of attention. Jack's girlfriend, Betty, started kissing her full on the lips while Jack moved behind her and started kissing the back of her neck and earlobes. I knew from past experience that doing this would quickly get her going. After moments of kissing Jack and Betty removed the nightgown from my girlfriend and Betty took immediate advantage of my girlfriend's exposed breasts and put one nipple in her mouth and kneaded the other breast in her other hand.

Jack, not to be outdone, squirmed between my girlfriend's legs and started lightly licking her slit. I couldn't see much of this from where I was sitting, but he must have been doing a pretty good job. My girlfriend's eyes were shut tight and her head started to roll back as the two others were devouring her erotic flesh.

Now as the three were getting into the swing of things, the two women petting each other and swapping slobbery kisses and Jack on his back with a mouthful of pussy, I was getting super turned on. My girlfriend started to shutter and had Jack stop. She directed Betty to lie down so she could start to eat her lips. Jack stood up with a massive hard on in one hand and she motioned for him to enter her from behind. There they were, Jack starting to fuck my girlfriend doggy style while she was licking Betty.

It only took a few minutes for my girlfriend to start moaning loudly into Betty's pussy. Betty too was rubbing her own clit while being eaten; she had that mouth open - head thrown back - I'm gonna cum soon look. Jack was hammering away at my girlfriend's pussy when Betty came hard. "I'm gonna cum!", he gritted out through clenched teeth.

"Oh yeesss, meee tooo…" my girlfriend replied. "Cum for me… Spray your hot jizz inside me!"

Betty quickly spun around so that she was under the other two and grabbed Jack's balls as he unloaded all his cum into my girlfriend as she screamed in waves of orgasms. Jack slowed his strokes in and out of my girlfriend's pussy and Betty was catching all the cum sliding out making sure she missed nothing.

I couldn't take any more of this, so I retraced my way out of the house and back to my car. Once out of the driveway, I phoned her to let her to tell her I would be home in five minutes and then looped around a few blocks, before returning to the scene of the crime. There I caught Jack and Betty leaving, looking flushed they both said hello as we passed on the sidewalk.

I came in and gave my girlfriend a deep kiss and asked what was up. "Oh the neighbors were here to pick up some mail that was delivered here by mistake." She said as normal as always. She was back in that same satin nightgown, but with her robe over it. I undid the robe and felt her up through the shiny material while I kissed her again. "Wow!" she said, "Someone is in a good mood."

"Yeah!" I replied as I took her by the hand back up the stairs to the bedroom. All I could see in my mind was she still had a pussy full of Jack's cum!

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