Baby Doll  

rm_Evil_8 51M
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7/20/2006 12:01 pm
Baby Doll

Pigtails and a soft blue baby-doll dress. Further down black patent leather heels with lacy white socks. Eyes bright with mischief, she asks, "Do you want to play?" I look at the pouty red lips and the little pink tongue behind and already I can feel the stirrings below.

"I don't know." I reply. "I'm pretty busy." That is not what she wants to hear and the play pout turns real in microseconds.

"Pleeeeasssse! I'll be good." She says with that slight whine that all young girls use when they want their way. I swing my chair around to really face her and as I do she drops to her knees and grabs my belt. I look down into those beautiful eyes and she knows she has me where she wants me. Without breaking that eye contact she unbuckles the belt and pulls free my half hard cock. It grows thicker and longer as she strokes it and glancing down at it I catch her run her unconsciously lick her lips.

"Okay, Baby Doll, you can have your treat." I tell her. She quickly flashes that devilish grin at me again and licks the head of my cock as if it where a large piece of candy. After a few more licks she slurps the whole head into her mouth and I can feel her lips work done the shaft as her tongue baths it in saliva. Down she goes as far as she can expertly working her mouth knowing the effect it has on me. Back up she comes now with a hand on it too.

I can't take too much of this. Her pretty face framed in pigtails sucking on my cock is too much! I shift a bit in my seat as she pauses to look at my reaction to her attentions. "Come up here and sit on my lap." I say. Standing up she pulls the hem of her dress up too and it's plain that she isn't wearing any panties. With one hand on the hem of her dress and the other hand parting the wet, dewy, lips of her bare pussy she lowers herself on my cock.

This is what she's wanted along. She is very wet and combined with the saliva she slowly buries my hard on deep inside her pussy. We sit there for a moment, face to face. Her eyes are closed and she is lost in the sensation of being filled. Oh God! The dress, the pigtails, her whole look; she knows this always makes me hot. Then she moves - a slight up and around motion with her hips. She is in charge and she is working it to her advantage by moving her hips to touch all
the best places deep inside her pussy.

As her rhythm quickens I grab her dress and pull it up over her head and completely off. Now I can feel her breasts and such and playfully bite at her nipples. A moan of approval greets this action followed by faster, broader movements of her hips. I know she is close to her first orgasm and I am feeling my balls tighten as my own starts building.

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