WARNING! This will seriously soak your panties  

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3/31/2005 11:37 am

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WARNING! This will seriously soak your panties

The sign over the door says “Erotic Photos”. In the photographer’s room you find a woman on a bed dressed in sexy lingerie. Her fingers slide slowly down between her legs as she teases the camera, and the audience, tugging gently at the lacy crotch of her little panties, giving you a glimpse of her pink pussy lips; pulling the fabric one way, and then the other. Then she pulls tight up the middle, allowing her panties to slip into moist folds of her labia. Her clit swells and her big brown nipple pop as her moistened fingers massage the delicate, flowering peddles of her womanhood.

Witnessing the spectacle, you can’t help but touch yourself. Discreetly at first, but soon you notice that others are touching themselves as well. Next to you a man has his hand in his wife’s panties; you catch a glimpse of her furry pubic triangle as his fingers work beneath the silky material. The woman notices you; she knows what you are looking at, and she knows what you are doing with your hand between your legs. She holds out her hand; an invitation to play. You look into her eyes. She smiles. You lean closer and expose yourself so that she can easily touch the place you want her to touch. Your body shudders as her fingers make contact, exploring the swollen, hot, sensitive flesh of your sex. “Who's next?” For a moment you had forgotten where you were. The woman winks, then drags her husband to the bed while the photographer readies his camera for the next session. She whispers in her husband’s ear, he nods, then she wiggles her finger; an invitation to join.

Are you dreaming? Yes, but it could be a dream cum true ‒ in Cleveland, of all places. At least, this is the dream I’m trying to make come true. Imagine that it’s May 21, 2005. Visualize yourself in a hotel. The entire hotel is filled to capacity with horny people of all shapes, sizes, and sexual interests. Even the hotel staff members are horny. Everyone you talk to is there because they love sex and sensuality and are open minded toward erotic diversity. Many people are wearing colored wrist bands that indicate their sexual preferences and interests. Red means “I’m looking for women.” Blue means “I’m looking for men.” Purple: “I’m looking for both men and women.” Black: “I like B&D”. White: “I like oral sex.” Pink: “I like cock in pussy.” Green: “I want to be touched, hugged and petted as much as possible.” And so on. You see colors for water sports, anal sex, group masturbation…

Most people are dressed in sexy clothes and costumes. Leather, lingerie, goth, and fetish fashions of all sorts. Some folks are simply naked. Some have their bodies painted. As you wander from room to room you see masseuses giving free massages, photographers doing sexy glamour shots, artists displaying erotic art, vendors selling sex toys, authors of erotica signing their books, dance instructors offering workshops on belly and hula dancing, women hosting gang bangs, pro doms demonstrating flogging, electric play, and bondage. With a bit of luck you might find a discussion and demonstration on squirting (female ejaculation), or see groups of people playing strip poker, naked Twister, and other adult games. In the lobby and conference rooms you find dancing, poetry reading, stand-up comedy acts, cabaret shows, sexy fashion shows. In the weight room you find body-building exhibitions, while nearby skinny-dippers splash in the pool or lounge in the hot tub. On a banquet table you will find sensual foods, many of which are sculpted into erotic shapes.

This is what the Sensuality Fair is all about. We have reserved the entire hotel and talked with the hotel management about our plans. We already have a lot of the talent lined up ‒ photographers, artists, writers, dance instructors, comedians, and more. People have begun booking rooms and buying raffle tickets. Life is good.

makemywifecum2 57M/52F

12/5/2007 10:33 pm

I SO wanta go

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