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In my earlier blog posts (Housewarming Party blog entries March 22 & 23) I introduced you to my friends Stan and Sarah, and Jane. This post takes you back a few months earlier to when I first met Stan and Sarah, and the first time Jane really became a swinger.
Our friends Jake and Sandy have been having hotel parties near Cleveland every month this winter. The hotel management blocks off an entire floor for them, which include the pool and hot tub. Carme and I and our friend Tina went to the first one. It was at this party that we first met Stan and Sarah. I was naked in the hot tub, along with about a dozen other people. I had a hard-on because I had just been licking my friend Lori’s pussy. Lori and I have been friends for about a year. Anywayz, Stan and Sarah introduced themselves to me. After a bit of preliminary chat (where we discover a shared interest in making adult movies), Stan informs me that Sarah has an amazingly big clit. Before long Sarah is still up on the side of the hot tub with her legs spread, showing me her clit. “Go ahead and suck on it,” Stan suggests. “It will fill your mouth.” And he was right. Her clit swelled up to the size of a golf ball in my mouth, and she loved to have it sucked hard. We didn’t fuck that night, but we did become friends.

A couple of months later my friend Jane wanted to go to Jake and Sandy’s hotel party. Jane was still new to swinging back at this time. She had been to a couple of our house parties, but had not yet gotten naked. She and I had kissed and snuggled a bit, but that was about all. She wanted to go to the party, but didn’t want to go alone. She asked if I would take her, and of course I said YES! Tina also wanted to go again, so the three of us drove together and got a room together. Tina has been well-known in the NE Ohio swinging communities for a couple of years, so shortly after our arrival she started flirting around with various men and soon disappeared in the rooms. Jane and I hung out in the private party room, which had a dance floor, DJ, and a bar. We danced, and I introduced her to about half of the partiers. Jane is young and beautiful, and at this time was completely unknown in the swinging community. Before long she had several men buying her drinks. Even the bartender was buying her drinks. Several women were happy to discover that Jane is bisexual, and soon there were some steamy kissing and fondling going on all around the bar, with Jane happily in the middle. Everyone loved her, and she loved all the attention.

I flirted around introducing myself to the people who didn’t already know me, and before long found an attractive couple who seemed interested in me. The wife was cute as hell. Her eyes were big and round and had a evoked a feeling of innocence that was amazingly exciting. When we kissed there as a beautiful chemistry between us that got us both excited. Jane eventually settled on a tall young man, and eventually the four of us went back to our room. The plan was to change into swim suits and go jump in the pool, but of course once we started getting undressed, we pretty much forgot about swimming. Jane and her new friend played on one bed while the couple and I played on the other. This was the first time I saw Jane naked, and I must say, she was a wonderful sight. After a couple of hours Tina came into the room and was very pleased to discover us all naked on the bed. Unfortunately the couple had to leave ‒ they had already been planning to leave when I first met them ‒ cuz they had a long drive ahead of them and needed to get up early the next morning. Jane’s friend also had to leave, so Jane went to another room where we had been invited earlier in the evening. Tina and I snuggled a bit, but she was tired, so I headed down to join Jane.

The party in the supposed party room did not live up to the rumors. There were about 6 people there, including Jane and I. Of course this is enough for a great room party, but unfortunately there was a guy there who no one knew, and he was making people uncomfortable. I didn’t understand this for quite a while because I assumed that the folks in the room knew him and had invited him. He didn’t seem like a bad guy, but he was making the women uncomfortable, and in any swinger’s setting, if the women are not comfortable, nothing happens. What really got annoying was that he would not take a hint. We tried various polite ways to get him to leave, but eventually had to simply ask him to leave. I felt sorry for him cuz he really did seem to be a nice guy, but he obviously didn’t have much experience with swingers, or understand swinging etiquette.
I should point out that the problem was not that he was a single guy. A couple of other single guys joined us with no problem. The problem was that he showed up uninvited (which is ok too, in many cases) but did not check to make sure if people where really ok with him being there. Hint to prospective swingers: If you show up uninvited somewhere, ASK if it is ok to stay, and offer to leave if anyone is uncomfortable with your presence. If they really want you to stay, they will probably say so fairly clearly. If they sound hesitant, or if they say thing like “Well, we really don’t know you…” then they probably don’t want you to stay, but are tying to be nice and they feel bad about simply asking you to leave. In an ideal world everyone could be bluntly honest and no one would get their feelings hurt. The real world is more messy. Anywayz, the guy finally understood and left on a fairly gracious and pleasant note.

About the time he was leaving, another couple showed up. They had been invited, but the woman was completely new to swinging. She asked if it was ok to just sit and watch, and we were all fine with that. Her boyfriend and I played with Jane and I got to lick Jane’s pussy for the first time. I was very happy about that! I left around 4am to go back and snuggle with Tina and go to sleep. So far as I know, the new woman never got naked, although she did start to get comfortable and join in the conversations. I’m not sure if she will ever really be a swinger, but she sure seemed to enjoy the show!

Jake and Sandy’s next hotel party is coming up on April 9th. Jane wants to split a room again, so I’m looking forward to a bunch more fun. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

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3/30/2005 10:23 am

That was hot!!! My husband and I are kinda not into having another guy. Only women but that turned me on.

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3/30/2005 10:51 am

why does your clitoris look like that? i think i may know why.its looks as if the skin has pulled back you know that spot where you must lick and suck that feels so good.

rm_pichelour 56M/56F
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3/31/2005 11:58 am

sa serais plus beau rase


5/2/2005 7:11 am

nice story. is that an actual pic of sarah? are they on FF? I've never had a woman with a clit that large, but it would be great to experience!

rm_EroticOhio 60M/55F
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5/25/2005 7:25 pm

That's not a pic of Sarah, but her clit is nearly that big when she gets excited.

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