Housewarming Party - Part II  

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3/23/2005 8:31 am

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Housewarming Party - Part II

[Continued from previous post]

Stan and Sarah have a big house with several bedrooms and bathrooms. As I said, Linda ran into one of the bathrooms and locked the door. Stan, Sarah, and the other couple were minimally dressed, but Jane and I were still fully dressed (although for Jane, “fully dressed” is somewhat minimal anyway. She had this incredibly sexy, very low-cut medieval top that reviled her wonderfully deep cleavage.

Anyway, in case any of you are concerned about Linda, let me point out that she was not in any serious distress. Jane checked on her. She was joking with us through the bathroom door. She was not seriously traumatized. But she did spend over an hour in the bathroom. When she finally emerged, she explained that her cell phone battery had died, and she would be locking herself back in as soon as it was charged up again. We were actually having a very good time just talking, drinking, and laughing hysterically at various crazy things ‒ more or less like normal people at a normal party. Unfortunately, Stan was just about to show Mary their pet bird. I don’t know much about birds, but it was some sort of brightly-color tropical bird. Anyways, as soon as Linda saw it she screamed “Oh my god! A bird!” and ran back into the bathroom. I don’t know if she was afraid of birds, or if she thought that something too disgustingly kinky to imagine was about to happen, but in any case she would not come back out until we assured her that the creature was safely locked back into its cage. When she came out again, she sat on the arm of the couch, not far from the bathroom door, explaining that she was ready to escape back to safety if necessary.

Eventually I started playing with Mary on the couch. She was beautiful, and before long I slipped her warm, soft breasts out of her bra. She had large brown areole ‒ the sight of which made my dick swell. I also loved the feeling of her big nipples growing huge and hard in my mouth as I sucked on them and tongued her piercings. The others (including Linda, who I heard at one point say “Hey, he’s taking her pants off!” were gathered around a laptop looking at some website with grotesque sound effects and horror music ‒ which made for a very strange ambiance as I was sliding my tongue toward Mary’s beautiful pink clit. A few minutes later her husband pointed out that Mary was having orgasms. I didn’t even know it. “She’s always real quiet,” he said, helpfully. “And she’ll have a ton of them.” Which was certainly true. I eventually learned to recognize when she was having them, and was able to count half a dozen. I have no idea how many she had during the hour or so that I licked her.

At some point everyone else disappeared into the bedroom, leaving Mary and I alone and naked on couch. I remember hearing Linda walk by, saying “Can you guys let me know if my phone rings? I’m expecting a call.” Eventually Mary’s husband joined us again, and she sucked his cock while I continued to lick her clit. I believe she was genuinely insatiable, which I find is not uncommon for female swingers, and probably explains a lot about why they are swingers in the first place.

After Mary and her husband when home, I joined Stan, Sarah, and Jane on the bed. Stan and Sarah had discovered that Jane was a squirter, and were having great fun with that. She had already squirted twice. Sarah had taken a mouth full and said it was sweat. Stan was licking and fingering Jane’s shaved pussy hoping to sample a mouthful for himself. Meanwhile Linda sat in a corner of the room offering running commentary and pretending to be a porn director, occasionally arguing with Jane about random stuff. I sucked on Sarah’s large, swollen clit for a long time. I brought her close to orgasm several times, but couldn’t make her cum. Jane licked her too, but eventually Stan had to finish her off. Sarah sucked on my dick for a while but by this time it was almost 4am and I was too tired to cum, so I just snuggled with Jane. The four of us lay naked on the bed. Linda ‒ true to her word ‒ had kept her clothes on the whole time, but seemed to enjoy herself. At one point she said “Hey, this is great! Live porn for free!”

To keep this entry as short as possible, I’ve left out a lot of the details, but this should give a pretty good feel for how the evening went. My writing style was a bit more like documentary than porn, but if I were to fudge on a few of the facts (like having Linda finally get naked and play with Mary and Sarah!), I think this could be a great little porn story.

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