Brought to you by the letter  

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3/28/2005 8:07 am

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Brought to you by the letter

Believe it or not, my first five sexual experiences were all with women whose first names started with the letter ‘J’. I have no particular fetish for the letter J, it just worked out that way. In an infinite universe, supposedly, everything that can happen eventually will happen sooner or later, so I just happened to be the one who discovered the juicy Js. But wait, that’s not all. My first lover was Jackie and my second was Jill. They were best friends, and often had to tolerate dumb jokes from people who discovered ‒ as if they were the first person in the world to notice this ‒ that these lovely young ladies were actually Jack and Jill. (By the way, they were both 19 when I met them.) Now one has to presume that, being best friends for several years, they had almost certainly, at some point in their young lives, climbed a hill together, thus confirming in the minds of some that they were indeed the very same Jack and Jill of nursery rhyme fame. The fact that “Jack” was a beautiful woman (with tits so sexually enticing that even Jill juiced her panties whenever she saw them) was apparently no problem for our not-so-bright theoreticians who presumably imagined that a pail of water was, as a matter of historical fact, somehow involved with their hill-climbing escapade. I will tell you more about my steamy encounters with these lovely gals in some future entry, but at the moment the reason I thought of them was because someone just asked me “What is a Jack and Jill party?” (We will be having some Jack ‘n Jill parties at the Sensuality Fair ‒ which is a whole nuther thing to tell ya’ll about another time.) Anywayz, since I took the time to compose this helpful little explanation of the Jack ‘n Jill party, I thought I would share it with all of you fine folks, as a sample of my on-going devotion to servicing the public:

A Jack ‘n Jill party is a masturbation party with both men and women (the guys "jack-off & the girls "jill-off"). If you like to watch people play with themselves, or if you like others to watch you, then this is a great sort of party. It's also cool because it is essentially a safe-sex party, and it is a good sort of party for couples who are interested in expanded erotic play but who are uncomfortable with partner-swapping. Of course the rules don't have to be strict, so if some folks did want to engage in sex I doubt there would be any major complaints, but the main idea is that people can feel comfortable masturbating cuz they know others like it too.

So in honor of my dear friends Jackie and Jill, and as a tribute to the letter J, I propose a toast: Pants to the floor, skirts lifted high, rub your thingy’s till the juice runs down your thigh. (Ah…howz that for sheer poetic brilliance? No need to applaud. It’s all in a days work)

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