Party all the time!  

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7/29/2006 1:44 pm

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7/30/2006 10:05 pm

Party all the time!

Why aren't there more parties and interaction?

I think what this area needs more than anything is some really cool swing parties and get togethers! As there is no swinger clubs to speak of in the area, and the net takes a long time for making friends and hook-ups for fun, what is needed is a regular series of parties to get the swinger community connected! There is strength in numbers and fun to be had! It is also easier to get dates when you actually meet people instead of talking to invisible faces on the web!

The problem is that alot of people don't want to host, many are chicken to come to public social gatherings (want to be super secret for fear of their lifestyle being found out), or are cliquish in their circle of friends. There are also alot of fakers, wannabes, and teasers out there as well. Bummer! Parties would help us truly in the lifestyle to cut the wheat from the chaffe and weed out the pretenders.

I think by being on this and similar sites, people should be aware that they are already publc in some respects and are looking to be part of a larger swinging community of people with like minds! Not necesarily to fuck everyone, but to increase options and friends.

We should also seek each other out more socially just to make friends and strengthen our small community. And we should be friendly to all, even if they are not our type or's just the way we should be as people who believe in the lifestyle. (Be nice to ALL who approach you....otherwise you are the asshole and will get a reputation as such!)

At any rate, there is alot of fun times to be had if we got off our asses and made an effort, not to just find fuck-buddies, but to make friends with our fellow hedonists in whom we have alot in common! Let's plan some parties! Let's communicate with each other more! Let's make friends! Let's have some hot fun!

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