Where Is This Leading To ?  

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7/28/2006 7:45 am

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Where Is This Leading To ?

This question sounded like a bomb blast to me.
I staggered in uncertainty, in anxiety when I heard this from a woman I dated 6 years back.

Needless to say I answered wrongly and she left me in 3 months. Sob...

Now with my First I wonder if such thoughts run through her mind. Well... it runs through mine.
What future is there for us together unless she changes her job altogether.

Why do I keep seeing her?
For company, for companionship, for her smile, her shyness, her pertulent manner towards me, for the short time when I take her as my girlfriend and I kiss her lips.

Why does she sms me after a while?
How r u? When will u see me? When are u coming?
For money or for my company? Or because I treat her different from others, far more than just a pleasuring machine? A person, a human being, a person with feelings, someone who sees worth in her, treats her with gentleness and kindness.

Where is all this leading to?
Disturbing this question.

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