What's In A Face ?  

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8/1/2006 10:55 am

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What's In A Face ?

I have seen my share of faces. Normally we would focus on those who are, what the majority of the world call, beautiful faces.

However I have noticed that beautiful does not equate with attractiveness. I acknowledge that all the Miss World Contestants are beautiful but none of them attracts me. In other words, I personnally do not find anyone of them attractive to me. Isn't it strange?
Proabably that is how the saying came about
`Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder'.

The Korean guy in my Chinese Class can be classified as a handsome or beautiful looking person. But so? When I talk to him, he is just as normal as anyone on the street. He is not caught up in his looks or probably never bother with what others say. `Hey! There are far more important things in life that looking at yourself in the mirror.'

Another matter is that a beautiful face may not hook up with another beautiful face. I met a colleague's wife at a wedding dinner for the first time. My colleague has a hard and very rough face but his wife was ... oh sooo gorgeous. I struggle to turn my eyee away when she sat next to me. And she was as normal as any one on the street.

Another person that is universally looked upon as attractive is David Beckham - footballer. Well he is over-exposed actually. Too much of a thing can be rather tiresome. Maybe that is why even men who have beautful wives look elsewhere because it is just a face. Beyond the face, they have discovered that their wives or girlfirends are tiresome or unreasonable. I guess then it is true to say `Beauty is skin deep' and `Beauty doesn't equate a good person at all.'

But it really takes a guy a lot of thinking I guess, to see a woman beyond the outward. Why?Cos we are visually stimulated. This weakness leads to promotion of almost every magazine nowadays with a half-clothed woman on the front page. Of course she will be slim and beautiful.
Playboy had its days but now it is dying. How many buys? Many still do but much lesser now.

I admit that I am turned on by a beautiful woman. I try to catch myself and ask` Is she attractive? Why?' I am training myself to think this way. I try to respond in a logical manner instead of an animal manner. But the beast within seeks to overcome me many times over.

Come to think of it, how is it the beautiful women of Hollywood get's divorced so easily. Aren't they worth keeping?

One of the saddest thing is when beautiful women do not let go of their youthful looks as they age. It is so sad to see Cher looking like in her 30s nowdays but hardly able to move her old body anymore as freely as before. Somehow it is grotesque.

Women knows the power of physical beauty and many women use it to seduce men to achieve their own ends. Plus other powerful tactics like nagging and `How? ...hmm ...hmm?'

We play each other out.

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