Tired Of Her ?  

rm_Eric0072005 52M
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9/10/2006 7:17 am
Tired Of Her ?

Am I tired of my First ? Is it because she does not please me as at the first?
Is it because she doesn't let me suck her nipples? Is it because she doesn't let me kiss her mouth?

She is one of those women who doesn't like these acts and she has told me so. Then what is love-making ? Just in-out, in-out at the groin?

When I kiss her lips, she has never opened her mouth to me. I think she does not like the saliva. She has told me this before. She also do not like me to leave my saliva on her nipples. Sigh...

I can surely find some other woman that will give me both this pleasure. But is it because of this areas that I am tired of her?

No. I think we need room to steer apart for a while. I still like her for her feisty attitude and for what she is doing for her family. But I can't do much apart from providing some financial support.

No. I am not tired of her.

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