This Is My Home  

rm_Eric0072005 52M
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8/9/2006 6:32 am
This Is My Home

Well... National Day Parade is over.
The stadium ended with this song again about `This is my country
This is my land ... home.'

I never thought of moving anywhere. Reading stories about immigrants ove the years makes me wonder at their bravery amd the risks they take to go to a foreign land. I regard such people on a different pedestal. They are damn brave to venture into the unknown with few friends. The friends they have are likely to be fellow immigrants too.

My situation is relatively safe and stable. That is why I wonder if I will ever survive overseas at all. I am talking about one who have little skill, basic certificate and little money going to a place where there is little connection. People in this category will always be Second class citizen.

Maybe that is why I feel for my First. She came from up North. She is street wise but only speaks Mandarin, Malay and Cantonese. She is not well educated I know. Tonight she called to ask why I wasn't in the Stadium. Cheeky girl.
`J, you made my day.'
Sigh ... what does the future hold for her? It's tough.

But all these thoughts remind me of my roots. Never thought of moving anyway. This is where I was born and likely this is where I will lie down when I die. Yes. Even die fighting for this place I call home.


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