The Spell Is Broken  

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6/24/2006 4:03 pm

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The Spell Is Broken

The spell is broken somehow I know
These feelings I have with my First
She played her cards wrong by her outburst
But then to me it 's not a game. It's not. No.
Yesterday's tryst wil be my last
I'm clear because I think it is past

My original intention was to appreciate sex as I had never done it before in 40 years. Yes, the 40 year old virgin applies to me alright plus plus.

It came along in the most unexpected way or because I am a blur. At the massage parlour it happened and I had my apprehension. I turned down my First at the first two visits and I saw the blackness on her face. I continued to go because she was good at what she was supposed to do - massage that is- and there was a thing called Chemistry.

After one year, I find her one of the better ones still but I cannot, will not cater anymore to her money crave. Frankly because I have no girlfriend to look forward to, I guess foolishly (or deperately ) I continued to see her. But she is cold - as she should be in this job - and worse, she has shown little trust. I guess in this line, there are many things that one must and should hide.

I cannot cater to your wants if you cannot trust me. But I will not stress you anymore because I realised that when I pursue that trust you were vey upset and agitated too.

NO MORE VISITS until maybe .. just maybe end of July.

But October - my birthday - and Christmas I will defintiely see her again. To ask` How are things ?' By that times things should be cooler. Should be.

I wanted so much to help
But realised that things are tough
Too naive to see or maybe I know
A person to change takes years to grow
But only if they see some light
Along the path that they think it's right.

Can kindness shine through ?
I believe it can
And maybe my absence will lead her to think
To consider other jobs as I have said.

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