The Sexual Revolution  

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9/10/2006 4:13 pm

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The Sexual Revolution

Something one must accept. The prudish can complain all they want but this sex revolution is not going to stop.

Old sg is one of the remaining bastions of all that is rigid, prudish, controlled and `good'. But it is crumbling fast.

So what `Sexual Progress' have we in sg made?

1. RA Movies are allowed. This is likely the limit. Anyone can get their thrills and there is no reason to complain nowadays as before. We are `open-minded' now.

2. VCDs and DVDs are uncensored. These are all cleared by the authorities. So what was the fuss? we ask after watching actors and actrsses banging each other. There are some extremes of close up sex organs. That is ... er.. really too much. Films like Monster Ball is not available here. Still sg people won't even blink now. Why? The I-Net is available.

3. The I-Net Porn Surfing. You can get anything here. Nobody can control the access except the users. With payment through VISA, `HELL' is opened to anyone who is willing to pay. I never knew how horny and scary the rest of the world was until I started surfing Porn. It is both fascinating, repulsive and scary.
MILF sites, Please Bang My Wife (shit!), Spring Break Events, BookWorm Bitches and `Women's Night Only' makes me wonder. These guys are good at the I Net. Why use their talent to create such sites?
Many women are willing (some are not, it seems) to act out their sexual fantasies with others. Some are co-erced, some are won over, many are deceived. I am not a prude. I am just sad.

4. Marriage Revolution. More marriages breaking down. More divorces esp among couples in their twenties. More divorcees and single children. Less tolerance and patience with one another.
Lots more single's kids on the streets nowadays. Apart from this, the `better off' group are spoilt brats, Mommy's boy and all that. The relatively wholesome kids are much lesser now. More hate from the new kids becos of their family background.

4. Coupling Revolution. More couples are living together and not marrying. More have children out of wed-lock. More babies found on the streets. More free sex going on on Fridays and Saturdays. Not good for society's progress. Lots of human potential (as in contributing to society ) lost to debauchery and lust.

5. Singles Revolution. More sex among singles More teenage girls offering sex for money (like in Japan). This is done discreetly but you hear enough in the streets to know if you want it,you can go and get it.

6. Sex For Sale. More shops offering this service in different disguises in the past 5 years . Maybe much longer since I was quite naive for a long time. Women from up North and further up North come where the money is. Their homeland is poor.

7. More HIV and AIDS. Enough said. Another loss. Some out of ONS. Shiver...

I dun see an end to all this. Sex is one forbidden fruit that once bitten into outside its restrictions have serious and long term problems. Society wil reap what we sow. Our future generations will suffer ... if there is a future.

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